6 clever and affordable ways to find a new outfit, without actually buying new clothes.

Australians truly are fashion lovers - we’re the second largest consumers of textiles in the world. 

It’s hard to believe, right? 

A small country that prides itself on a laid-back attitude and rubber thongs are so fashion obsessed, the ABS reports that the average Australian buys 27kg of clothing and throws out 24kg each year. 

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So inspired by this major fashion malfunction and in a bid to reduce these scary statistics, here are a couple of ways to reap the benefits of a new outfit without actually buying a new outfit.

1. Wardrobe Warrior.

The most sustainable item is actually the one that you already own. 

On average, we only wear one third of our wardrobes, so instead of heading to the shops for your next outfit, dive into the depths of your wardrobe to find your forgotten favourites. When it comes down to it, no one will notice the fact that you wore that same dress to that wedding 18 months ago, or that you’re wearing the same skirt as last week... 

No seriously, they won’t. 

Some simple ways to reinvigorate your looks are switching up the accessories, or cross seasonal dressing, for example summer dresses with tights or wearing winter button-ups as a cover up over a shift dress. 

2. Opt for op shops. 

Thrifting is back! Op shopping, which was once reserved for fancy dress parties and teens, is now a practice that has become increasingly popular. For a newbie thrifter though, it can be a little daunting and overwhelming. 

Here are some simple steps to help you find the best buys:

  • Shop with a list or goal item in mind, so you don’t come home with something you don’t actually need.

  • Shop by colours, rather than browsing the entire store.

  • Shop by brands you know and love.

  • Shop by size - are you really going to alter that piece?


3. Renting.

If you’re looking for a dress for a special occasion, or want to wear the latest designer piece without buying it, try renting it. 

Australia is home to a stack of brands that rent out the latest designer pieces for a portion of the price. 

One of the leading wardrobe rentals brands, Glamcorner, doesn’t just offer one-off dresses for special occasions but they now also offer memberships which give VIPs access to a couple of pieces a month - aka that ultimate fresh new wardrobe feel without the new wardrobe price.

4. Social shopping.

Like thrifting, we’re seeing a comeback to social shopping platforms - think eBay, Facebook and Depop. 

Depending on your style and brands, each platform offers a great way to monetise your pre-loved clothing but also to grab a bargain on something you’ve been looking for (or that’s sold out in stores). If you’re a massive fan of a particular brand, look them up on Facebook chances are that they probably have a Buy, Swap, Sell page.

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5. Lend don’t spend.

Do you remember when as teens your best friend (or sister's) wardrobe was an extension of your own? Why did we stop? 

Your bestie arguably has better taste and a far better closet now than when they were 15, so next time you’re in need of a fit, look no further.

6. Swapsies.

Better yet, next time you’re cleaning out your closet, instead of regretfully bagging your unwanted pieces and taking them to your local charity shop - organise a swap session with your friends. 

Pop the champagne and take it in turns to swap your old favourites for your friends' pieces! You’ll snag that piece you’ve always admired and get to see your once-loved items styled in a new way! 

Feature Image: Instagram @lottiedl. 

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