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Australia reacts to a bizarre MAFS argument over surfing timeframes and artificial sweetener.

Sweet Jesus.

What just happened.

We *think* we just witnessed the most bizarre couple argument in the history of the universe, regarding nonexistent sweetener and surfing timeframes.

It kind of feels like a weird bad dream.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Billy cried. Seagulls were afraid. All of Australia was confused.

Seriously Billy, who HASN'T lied about when they last went surfing?

What started out as a day out at the beach, ended in Billy crying post being screamed at for telling his wife the last time he'd surfed was two years ago, when it was actually two months, and good lord we are beginning to think Susie just... likes to fight.

It all came after Billy thought he had sweetener for her coffee but... didn't, which is apparently a very big deal if you're Susie and we don't get it because sweetener is gross.

... The whole situation made Ines look like Mother Theresa, to be honest.

Because the internet, Twitter had a lot to say about the entire situation. Here are our favourite Tweets: