Susan Sarandon takes aim at The Real Housewives while visiting Australia.

Susan Sarandon has (accidentally) taken aim at a Real Housewives of Melbourne star while speaking at an event at Melbourne’s Crown Palladium over the weekend.

The Oscar-winining actress was a guest of La Dolce Vita Italian festival, and told the crowd that it was important for women to support one another.

“That’s why I hate those reality shows, the wives of wherever, because they thrive on provoking fights,” she said.

We talk Real Housewives on the latest episode of The Binge:

Unfortunately (or fortunately, we can’t decide which), RHOM star Pettifleur Berenger was one of the 150 audience members watching Sarandon speak.

When notified that a Real Housewife was watching her speak, Sarandon turned and asked, “Why can’t you be like the Ghandi of reality shows?”

One of the many fights on Real Housewives of Melbourne. Post continues after video.

Video via Foxtel

Pettifleur responded that the show was all about creating drama to bring in those ever-elusive ratings.


“I find that very concerning because it isn’t as dramatic to get along,” the actress responded.

Were truer words ever spoken? We think not.

Luckily, there were no hard feelings between the two stars, with Pettifleur posting a snap of Sarandon on her Instagram account after the event.

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