L'Oreal Paris appoints 69 year old Susan Sarandon as their new face. Bravo.

Susan Sarandon at the Taormina Film Festival, Italy, 2015. (Source: Getty.)

She’s built a career from portraying gutsy, sexy and worthy women, so it makes absolute sense that Susan Sarandon is the newest “face” of iconic beauty brand, L’Oreal Paris. The 69 year old joins a diverse and illustrious group of L’Orealistas, which includes ’70s icon Jane Fonda, Asian-American supermodel Soo Joo Park and our very own Megan Gale.

Susan Sarandon's official L'Oreal Paris portrait. (Source: L'Oreal Paris.)

Sarandon's film roles have gained cult status, particularly as she's played complex, risk-taking women. Each of these women have had a signature, memorable beauty look. Who could forget the soft curls and peachy pout of the innocent Janet in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, or the bold red lips of her Thelma in Thelma and Louise?

She announced her new appointment with style, tweeting, “Even though I am a New Yorker, I have always loved Paris. #worthit”, including a photo of her L’Oreal shoot.  And although it is 41 years later, the fresh apricot tones that Sarandon wore in The Rocky Horror Picture Show look even better on her today in her L'Oreal portrait.


Do you think Susan Sarandon may have worn one of these classic lipstick shades in her movies? (Post continues after video.)

In more recent years, Sarandon has played up her curves and dramatic features in her roles as a mature femme fatale, with her turn as Jude Law’s older love interest in Alfie, and in a more comedic part as Frank’s former teacher-slash-lover in sitcom 30 Rock. (Post continues after gallery.)

Of the famous L’Oreal mantra, “Because your’re worth it,” Sarandon had this to say: “It had to do with women becoming the master of their own lives and decisions… Beauty comes from the inside. It’s a state of mind.”

With an attitude like that, and surely now an enviable L’Oreal Paris makeup collection to boot, Sarandon is officially the coolest grandmother around – particularly as she prefers her grandchild to call her “Honey”, rather than “Grandma”.

What's your favourite Susan Sarandon movie?

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