In 2016, Susan Sarandon was 'cleavage-shamed'. It just happened to her daughter on her wedding day.

In 2016, while presenting on stage at the SAG Awards, Susan Sarandon was cleavage-shamed.

The actress, aged 69 at the time, wore a smart white suit with a visible black bra, and people did not like the amount of upper breast on show. 

There was so much online commentary swirling the outfit that the whole situation earned itself a very 2016 hashtag, #cleavagegate.

The breasts themselves? Magnificent. 

The Twitter trolls? Savage (insert some tasteless comment about the actress "letting it all hang out", sigh.) 

Watch: Susan Sarandon on who she is willing to date. Post continues below. 

Video via The View. 

Even Piers Morgan weighed in, with the TV personality calling her look "horribly inappropriate" for the occasion — Sarandon was presenting the In Memorium segment of the awards show and Morgan argued she wouldn't wear that particular suit to a funeral. 

Well duh, it was white.

Anyhoo, much ado about boobs! Very eight years ago, no?


Well, fast-forward to 2024 and history is repeating itself. Only this time, the attention is directed at Sarandon's daughter, Eva Amurri.

The 31-year-old actress and lifestyle blogger married chef Ian Lock in New York on Saturday, People reported, in an intimate ceremony surrounded by family including her famous mother, director father Franco Amurri and three children. Sarandon's former partner Tim Robbins was also in attendance.

But it's Amurri's "controversial" strapless gown that's made headlines.

People shared the first photos from the wedding in an Instagram post showing the happy couple, and commenters had a lot to say about the bride's choice of 'fit — a vintage-inspired embellished dress by Kim Kassass with a low corset-style top.


"What in the name of Holy Matrimonial Tatas is going on," one person commented.

"Put them away!", another wrote.

One commenter even evoked Piers Morgan, deeming the outfit "inappropriate" — and we're sorry, what year is it again? 

In the end it was Amurri who emerged with the best comment of all. Reflecting on her wedding day in a series of posts to her own Instagram Stories, the actress shared a pointed message.

Captioning a photo of her dress, she wrote, "To anyone scandalised by my breasts not being "put away"...'

She then shared a close-up shot of her chest and quipped, "Feel free to screenshot this for later," alongside a kiss emoji. 

Image: Instagram/Eva Amurri


Telling People why she chose the gown, she shared, "I wanted to feel sexy but elegant, and I think the dress strikes the perfect balance." 

Hear, hear.

It's a sage reminder that if there's ever a day to let a woman wear whatever the hell she wants, it's her wedding day. (Oh, and the BEST time to comment on a woman's body is never.)

Feature image: Instagram/Eva Amurri. 

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