The missing runner who survived 24 hrs in the bush by drinking her own breast milk.

A young mother of two managed to survive the night in the New Zealand bush by drinking her own breast milk.

Susan O’Brien was only meant to be running for two hours.

But when she still hadn’t crossed the finish line long after the races she was competing with was over yesterday, her family started to worry.

More than 20 hours later, the 29-year-old still had not returned.

As it turns out, O’Brien had taken a wrong turn through Rimutaka Forest Park in New Zealand.

And it wasn’t until 24 hours later that she was finally found.

Now she’s told media outlets how she survived 24 hours in the bush after realising she was lost.

Susan O’Brien with her partner. Image: Facebook.

Her story starts when the sun went down last night.

O’Brien revealed that she dug a hole and covered herself in dirt to stay warm. And to stay hydrated – she drank her own breast milk.

“I definitely thought I was going to die,” Ms O’Brien, who is the mother of an 8 month old and a two year old, told

“And I thought of my baby and my son and my family.”

“I’m breast-feeding my baby so I had a bit of my milk, which I thought, that should help me keep going.”

Police believe Ms O’Brien took a wrong turn during the XTERRA 20km fun run, and got lost trying to find her way back.

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The following day she made her way back to the track where she was located by rescue personnel.

The search for Ms O’Brien commenced the previous afternoon, after she failed to cross the finish line.

Search crews camped out overnight in the bush and set off flares in attempt to draw her attention. A helicopter also surveyed the area.

This morning she was found safe and well, and was reunited with her family.

Her first task once she was found? Breastfeeding her young daughter.

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