Susan Carland: 'ISIS are no friends to Muslims.'

“ISIS are no friends to Muslim, by any stretch of the imagination.”

Sociologist and sometime Mamamia columnist Susan Carland has spoken out strongly in defence of the Muslim community, declaring that “ISIS are no friends” to Muslims.

Just hours before her husband Waleed Aly launched a scathing attack on the terrorist “b****rds” who carried out Friday’s terror attacks in Paris, Carland appeared on Studio 10 to explain the critical difference between Islam and extremism.

“ISIS are no friends to Muslim, by any stretch of the imagination,” Carland said on the Channel 10 program.

“And so it’s really important that we never fall into the trap of thinking this is about Muslims against other people.”

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Video via Channel 10

Carland, an academic and former Muslim Australian of the year, also warned of the dangers created by viewing the world in black-and-white terms.

“ISIS have openly spoken about wanting to eliminate the grey area; they want a world that is black and white, that is us and them, that is good and evil as far as they define it,” the 35-year-old Melbournian said.

Carland with Aly, who she married in 2002. (Photo: Twitter)

“A flourishing, pluralistic society is the last thing ISIS want to see and so, in times like this, we all have to make the choice about whether we retreat into fear and anger and blaming or whether we actively choose to come together and say we will not allow this to pull us apart because that is part of the goal,” she continued.

“It is a political tactic that is part of their approach.”

Carland, who converted to Islam at 19, last week announced a novel way to tackle trolling abuse on Twitter.

She told Fairfax Media she has begun donating $1 to charity every time she receives a hateful message.

So far, she has raised more than $1000.

“The needy children thank you, haters!” she wrote in a tweet announcing the initiative.

Carland, who completed her Ph.D in Muslim feminism, is currently lecturer at Monash University’s School of Social Sciences.