Waleed Aly's kids are kind of hoping Grant Denyer wins the Gold Logie.

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Today, we learned some truth bombs about the TV Week Logie Awards from the very accomplished wife of a Gold Logie nominee. Like:

You only get to take a date if you’re nominated for the Gold.

You have to give the dress back. And the jewelry.

And sometimes, even your own kids aren’t cheering for you.

“Our kids are more excited that Grant Denyer has been nominated because they love Family Feud,” Dr Susan Carland, wife of The Project’s Waleed Aly told Monique Bowley and Kate De Brito on Mamamia Out Loud today. “My daughter had a dream that he won.”

Hear Susan talking Logies, and what it’s like being married to a man who’s so good at EVERYTHING. Well, almost everything… 

Something else worth knowing about The Logies is that to our knowledge, when Susan attends the Logies in two weeks with Waleed, she will indeed be the first woman to walk the red carpet in a hijab.

“I think I can safely say that no-one else on the red carpet will be wearing what I wear,” she says. “It’s a bit of pressure. First hijab on the red carpet at The Logies… I feel like there’s pressure to represent.”

“I would love it if someone could tell me I’m wrong [about being the first], like ‘No, you’re wrong, remember that time such and such wore a hijab at The Logies’ but not to my knowledge.

“I know at the Brownlow, Bachar Houli who plays for Richmond, his wife wears a hijab, and she’s worn a hijab on the Brownlow red carpet, but I don’t know of one at the Logies.” Susan says.


Rouba Abou-Zeid and Bacher Houli at the Brownlow. Image: Getty

So. if you're gonna make history, you better do it in style, right? Which is exactly what Susan is doing.  The designer of her dress is also designing her hijab, because as Susan says, "It has to match...hopefully it will be quite epic."

Oh, it is gonna be so epic. And efficient. Susan will be covering her arms and hair, so: "I don't need to get a fake tan. I don't need to get my hair done, lots of time-saving measures."

So for now, the countdown to the big night begins. Mons will be wearing a high vis vest. Susan will be wearing her hijab and disrupting the joint. We'll see you there.

Listen to the whole episode of Out Loud here, where Susan, Monz and Kate talk ANZAC Day, women's literature, and yes, whether or not you can ever recline your seat on a plane:

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