A mother and her two-year-old daughter are the only survivors of Brussels Metro bomb blast.

A  mother and her two-year-old daughter are thought to be the only survivors among those travelling on the carriage of a Brussels train that was blown up in the terrorist attacks this week.

Roxana Stefanuca, 23, was on her way home from taking her five-year-old to nursery school when a bomb exploded on the carriage they were travelling on.

More than 20 people travelling on the same carriage died in the blast on Tuesday morning.

According to family, both Ms. Stefanuca and her daughter are thought to be battling similar injuries which include extensive burns to their faces.  The mother and daughter are still in a critical condition in hospital.

The Daily Mail are reporting that Ms. Stefanuca’s sister, Anca Cucuruzac, said her sister is still in shock about the events of Tuesday.

“She’s got burns all over her face and head. You can only see her eyes. She is in shock, I could only talk to her for two minutes.”

“The little girl also suffered burns and she has been given tubes to help her breathe. My sister and the baby were the only survivors in that wagon.

“She remembers a strong noise and a woman covered in blood thrown towards her. She saw her daughter crying and then lost consciousness,” she said.

Many believe that two-year-old Miruna was able to survive the blast due to the fact she was in a buggy at the time which protected her from the immediate explosion.

Although originally from Romania Ms. Stefanuca has lived in Belgium with her husband and children for five years now, running their own company in Brussels.

Belgian police have arrested six people in Brussels as a major investigation continues into attacks that claimed 31 lives in the city on Tuesday.

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