"He's gonna kill me." Survivor's El just shared a very intimate photo of partner Lee.

If you can hear a groggy man grumbling in the distance right now, it might just be Survivor Australia‘s Lee Carseldine, folks.

You see, his partner El Rowland – who he met while filming the hit Channel 10 show – has done something that might’ve ruffled the ex-professional cricketer’s feathers the wrong way.

“He’s gonna kill me,” 33-year-old El wrote beside a string of sleepy selfies with her 41-year-old partner on Tuesday.

“But yolo.”

Uhhhhh, yep. Probably not the best thing to share with your near 20,000 followers, El.

Soul-crushing embarrassment aside, avid fans were happy to see the pair cuddled up in bed, commenting:
“[He] still has sleep debt from all those long Survivor nights!”

Others were more concerned with tabloid gossip that the pair is keen on starting a family soon.


“Are you guy’s going to have kids?[sic]” wrote one, while another asked: “There have been rumours that you two will have kids and get married soon is that true?”

While the duo’s connection on the show was undeniable, El and Lee only confirmed their relationship in mid-October, one week before the finale aired.

Despite both missing out on the show’s $500,000 prize to winner Kristie Bennett, the parents have been inseparable ever since filming wrapped.

The contemporary Brady Bunch ❤❤❤ #fourindabed #morningsnugs #happythursday #nearlyweekend #lovethem

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“We’ve got similar personalities, similar lifestyles and we’re both single parents. We connected on that level and on a life level as well,” El told News.com.au when news of their romance broke.

“We’ve thought about the long-term, and he’s definitely someone I’d like to keep seeing,” she said.

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