Survivor’s Jennah-Louise has a message for those sending death threats to her fellow contestants.

Viewers are venting their frustrations with reality TV show Australian Survivor as three women – Brooke Jowett, Flick Egginton and El Rowland – continue their seemingly unbreakable alliance, dominating the game and controlling every tribal council.

But the reaction is getting so intense that 23-year-old Brooke revealed she had been receiving death threats from fans.

Brooke, Flick and El are controlling the Australian Survivor game. Image via Channel 10.

"I’m copping a lot of hate. Some of the comments I’m getting are disgusting," she told

"I’m even getting death threats and people saying they want to punch me in the face. It’s just been horrible."

Recently eliminated Jennah-Louise made no secret of her distaste at the powerful alliance running the game, but told Mamamia the death threats were "going way too far".

JL says sending death threats to the powerful trio was "going too far". Image via Channel 10.

"As nice as it is for people to be investing in the characters of the game, they do have to remind themselves that we are human beings," she told Mamamia.

"How people are being shown or who they are being in the game of Survivor, and it is a game, they're not necessarily like that in real life."

She said that labelling the trio as the 'Mean Girls' of the competition is "unfair and ridiculous".

JL tried to break the strong alliance, but was ultimately eliminated from the competition. Image via Channel 10.

"Yes, the girls were arrogant at times, they were super confident and they may have said a few things that weren’t so nice but Survivor is definitely a game that brings out the worst in you as much as the best," she said.

Jennah-Louise said her time on the reality TV show taught her about taking criticism "with a grain of salt".

"We put ourselves out there for that judgement," she admitted.

"It’s been one of the biggest learning curves for me, being able to receive the positive judgement along with the negative and not let it really affect you. You just have to be strong in who you believe that you are."