Australian Survivor's Lee and El share how they fell in love during the show.

Last week, it was finally confirmed that Australian Survivor favourites Lee and El had found love with each other while stranded on an island in Samoa.

Now, as the competition draws to a close, the pair are opening up about how foraging for food, struggling to maintain basic hygiene standards and staying warm at night led to love.

Does this count as a "romantic stroll on the beach"? Image via Channel 10.

"It wasn’t in my mind at all, to find somebody I click with so well," 33-year-old El told The Daily Telegraph in a joint interview with Lee.

"We’ve got similar personalities, similar lifestyles and we’re both single parents. We connected on that level and on a life level as well."

The 40-year-old former pro cricketer admitted that they had found each other in "the most unusual of circumstances."

The couple have emerged as final two favourites due to their strong bond. Image via Channel 10.

"I couldn’t have ever predicted meeting someone like El," he said.

In a preview clip for tonight's Australian Survivor episode, Lee and El talk about how they have "spooned" each other every night since day one.

Lee + El = LOVE, you guys. Image via Channel 10.

"I think we do have something special there," El says in the clip.

"I didn't think that I would meet somebody as honest and genuine as Lee. We've been each other's rocks out here and that's something that I will cherish forever."

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