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Fake idols and a broken ankle: 13 of the wildest moments from Australian Survivor 2019.

With two episodes to go, we’re just days away from finding out who win will Australian Survivor 2019.

Luke Toki, Pia Miranda, Baden Gilbert and Harry Hills are the last of the champions and contenders standing, and come Wednesday, we’ll have to face the music and find something else to do with our Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights.

To soften the blow, we’ve been reflecting on what has been the best season of Australian Survivor yet.

So, here are 13 of the wildest moments from Australian Survivor 2019.

Mamamia’s daily entertainment news podcast The Spill chat to Luke Toki about his time on Australian Survivor.

1. When Steven Bradbury’s ‘Sports alliance’ disintegrated in less than 72 hours.

Ah, Bradbury.

In the very first episode of Survivor, the speed skater tried to make a thing he called the ‘Sports alliance’ happen, where all the athletes would team up.

Only, no one likes it when you play too hard straight out of the gate, and the ‘Sports alliance’ quickly disintegrated.

australian survivor
You said it mate. Image: Giphy.

2. When Dave tricked Shaun into swapping him a real idol for a fake idol.

When Dave caught Janine with a clue about needing to swap an idol with a contender at the next challenge, Dave devised a tricky and genius plan. So, in the dead of night, he made a fake idol out of sticks and washed up bits of string and conned contender Shaun into swapping it with him for a real idol.

I mean, c'mon. Dick move, but brilliant.

Side note – Watch our interview with Luke Toki below. Post continues after video.

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3. When Dave and Luke somehow managed to avoid being voted out in their new tribe.

After the champions and contenders dropped their buffs and drew for new ones, Dave and Luke found themselves outnumbered seven to two in a tribe full of former contenders.

And SOMEHOW, they managed to not only avoid elimination that very first night, but right up until merge.

australian survivor
Damn son. Image: Giphy.

4. When Harry completely blew up at tribal council.

This blow up will go down in Survivor history as one of the most entertaining yet pointless tribal council outbursts, ever.

After Harry pretended to have a young child named Oscar to bond with his ovary-owning tribe mates (i.e. the women), he exposed his lie at tribal council in a very strange attempt at saving himself.

Only, old mate Jonathan pulled a tribe swap out instead of an eviction, meaning all Harry achieved from his master plan was royally pissing everyone off.

australian survivor
When you realise you really effed up. Image: Giphy.

5. When Dave found an idol by eating popcorn off the ground.

Another crazy moment came when the new champions tribe won the chance to each watch a private video message from their loved ones.

For some reason, everyone thought it'd be nice to let Dave go and watch his first. Naturally, he found an immunity idol by bursting open a popcorn machine and eating it all up off the ground. Niiiice.

australian survivor
Classic. Image: Giphy.

6. When Luke cried, stuffing his face, while watching a video from his family.

On the same day, Luke got to see a message from his wife and three young kids.

But, there was also a freezer full of ice creams to be eaten, so he cried watching his message while simultaneously stuffing his face. It was a beautiful moment.

australian survivor
This is all of us. Image: Giphy.

7. When Ross broke his ankle.

Anyone who watched this moment will flinch just thinking about it.

Big Wave Surfer Ross sadly exited the game after he broke his ankle during a particularly physical challenge.

australian survivor
Ross, you bloody champion.

8. When Andy threw Dave under the bus.

Andy was one of the, well, least likeable characters on this season of Survivor.

But when he was finally voted out by his tribe mates, he decided to leave them with a parting gift by telling everyone Dave had a idol. The look on Dave's face was priceless.

BOOM. Image: Giphy.

9. When host Jonathan LaPaglia made the contestants hold their breath underwater for a challenge.

In one of the most brutal challenges from this season, each player was forced to lie on their backs in the freezing cold ocean under a grate. As the tide came in, their faces were completely submerged in water and whoever could hold their breath the longest was given immunity.

It was hard to watch.

australian survivor
Our faces watching people almost drown on TV. Image: Giphy.

10. When John kept taking his gear off.

Now, let's chat about how contender John enjoyed taking his kit off to go swimming, giving audiences a good look at his bare bum.

That's... really all there is to it.

australian survivor

11. When the entire tribe managed to blindside Dave.

Dave's blindside elimination was absolutely brilliant.

Every single person except Luke was in on it, and you could pinpoint the exact moment Dave twigged he'd been stabbed in the back.

australian survivor
Us too, Pia. Us too. Image: Giphy.

12. When Abbey flipped on Pia and Janine at tribal council and then made it very obvious by fist bumping everyone except them.

Janine, Pia and Abbey were the strongest alliance in the entire game. Then, Abbey decided she wanted to make a big move and flipped on her friends.

Rather than be subtle about it, she then proceeded to fist bump everyone else except Janine and Pia at the tribal council. Smooooth.

australian survivor
Play it cool. Image: Giphy.

13. When Luke and Pia well and truly blindsided Abbey out of the game.

Most recently, Tuesday night's tribal council had us on the edge of our seats.

After Luke played an advantage that allowed him to render one person's vote void, it was a two versus two vote between Luke and Pia and Harry and Abbey.

Somehow, Luke managed to convince Abbey to flip back again, which ultimately saw her blindsided and sent home.

It was an absolute masterclass.

Now, we can't wait to see how the rest of this season pans out.

Who do you think will win Australian Survivor 2019? Tell us in the comments below.

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