The 9 types of mums you will meet on holidays.

Are you on this list?

How are your school holidays going?

We’ve reached about the mid point now, but there is a stretch to go yet.

Whether you are having a beach holiday away, a stay-cation at home or you are juggling the demands of a working holiday there are nine types of mums you are sure to meet.

1. The activity Mum: Her kids are not sitting still. If they aren’t booked into tennis camp, they are packing up the kites for a day at the sand dunes. There is something scheduled everyday in an attempt to make the most every minute.

2. The Beach Mum: Oh beach-Mum I admire you. Every night at 8pm you have the car packed, the tent ready (and folded correctly), the buckets, the spades, the ten changes of clothes, the sunscreen, the esky and the boogie boards all ready to go once again. You withstand the Muuuuummmm-I–am-sandy. You hold out strong against the the Muuuuummm-I-want-to-go-home. You are our Summer-Mummy Guru.

"Oh beach-Mum I admire you."

3. The I hate holidays Mum: You thrive on the regularity of routine. The holidays throw you big time don’t they? Each and every time I run into you, all I hear is a countdown to how many days back to school. I know you love your kids, but this time of year is not when you excel.

4. The Earth Mum: Her kids have been to each and every farmers market these holidays, they’ve snacked on dried kale and cacao balls and they have cruised along in the Kombi from Eumundi to Nimbin. These kids have danced under the stars to the beat of drums and smelt the scent of strange smoke far in the distance. They won’t know what hit them when school goes back.

5. The false impressions Mum: oh you luuuuurrrrvvvveeee school holidays don’t you? All that meaningful time you spend together. You love to show us just how much each and every second of holidays is a privilege, a thrill, a moment to be embraced. Except secretly you can’t bare it. Secretly, you just want the safety and security of term time to return. Secretly, the kids have taken over your life and you just want a teeny tiny bit of me time back. Oh when will it end?


6. The preparations Mum: holidays for this Mum are about getting ready for the year ahead. From pre-cooking meals to revising last year’s spelling words. These are the children who attend those holiday tutoring programs. Jessica and Jemima are ready to go once school time starts. Let's just hope they don’t burn out by the third week.

"The activity Mum. Every single second is planned."

7. The cultural Mum: There is a plethora of museums, art galleries and historical walks to entertain her this summer holidays. No days to the movies to see “Paddington” when there are dinosaurs and Brett Whitely to learn about. (I’m slightly envious, it sounds kinda fun, IF the kids stop complaining.)

8. The bits-and-pieces Mum: If you are a working Mum holidays are a patchwork of outings, and days-in combined with a scramble of grandparents care, holiday clubs and neighbours helping out. Like all Mums these ones do the best they can with what they can. The week away they can manage isn’t quite as restful as the brochures promised but it's nice to spend some time together.

9. The laid back Mum: Bedtime. What’s that? It’s holidays. Wake ups? Whenever you want. Shall we go to the beach today or just take a walk and see where it lands us? No plans are the key to this Mum’s holidays. The days are long and glorious and filled with the sound of bored children squabbling. Just like when we were kids.

Which mum are you?

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