This man has forgiven his ex - and it's beautiful.

See this man cuddling a baby? It’s not what you think it is.

When you are entrenched in hell it is hard to imagine the light on the other side.

It is almost unthinkable that one day you could laugh and smile and actually be happy again.

And even tougher to imagine that the person causing you so much pain could actually be someone you could become fond of again.

But it happens.

For one father the pain of a break-up was almost too much to bear.

The fighting. The nastiness. Courts and even police. The tug-of-war on the children.

You can see that for him, he felt there was no way out. No tomorrow. He even went as far as saying he hated his ex-wife.

The bitterness, the vile words, the feeling like your world has crumbled.

But three years on, his remarkable change of heart has gone viral.

The image at first glance looks like a loving father with his newborn.

What it actually is will astound you -a loving ex-husband with his ex-wife’s baby.

He writes:

3.5 years ago my marriage of 10 years ended.

UGLY doesn't even begin to describe the divorce.


2 years of hell.

It was the darkest period on my life. I was literally consumed with anger.

Fast forward to today...

This little angel is my ex wife's beautiful new baby.

Today I hung out with this little one, my kids and my ex for a while.


My heart swelled with gratitude as I fed this little angel and my ex wife and kids all sat just feet away.

I wouldn't trade my life or the experiences of my life for anything. I am who I am today because of my past.

The good.
The bad.
The angry.
The ugly.

2 years ago I never would have seen this day. 2 years ago I only communicated with my ex through lawyers!!

Today we sat in harmony and peace.

Mutual respect.
Mutual appreciation.

God works in mysterious ways my friends.

Never give up.
Never stop moving.
Never quit.

Tomorrow might be the day the sun starts shining...

His post has been liked over 330,000 times.


And the reason why is obvious. It gives hope.

One commenter wrote, “Love this. I'm (in) the dark, bad and ugly stage and can't imagine anything coming good of it all. Obviously you both put effort into it....key word ...Both. So happy for you and your family."

Another: “I woke up for a midnight glass of water and now I'm filled with hope. Beautiful and speaks to my soul and heart.”

It is hard to describe the feeling of a life you dreamed about ripped out from under you. The family unit you created shattered.
Sure many, many marriage breakups are mutual, civilised. But the vast majority are filled with hatred, with words that cut like a knife, and once spoken you can’t imagine they will ever fade in your mind.


For those of us who have been through a marriage or relationship breakdown, who have been in that dark place, the internet can be a place of fear-mongering.

Forums and chat rooms filled with tales of lost custodies, of years of fighting, of darkness, and even the very real threat for many families of angers taken to such extremes that lives are lost.

It’s there. It happens. We read about it daily in the newspapers. We see the faces of tiny children like Jai, Bailey and Tyler Farquharson who lost their lives when their father, Robert Farquharson drove his car into a dam in 2005 after a bitter custody battle with their mother.

Or the tragic case of 4-year-old Eeva Dorendahl who was found dead alongside her father, Greg Hutchings at Pottsville in NSW on a sand dune.

The child of another bitter marriage breakdown.

What Sean Whalan has given over 300,000 people in 18 lines is a glimmer of light, a feeling that maybe deep down people can be nice, can be good, can be human.

He renews our feelings that only the truly evil do evil things. That love and shared pasts and new lives created outshine the horrors.

Have you been through a difficult separation? How did you survive it?

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