The latest baby name trend is flipping tradition on its head.

When Ronan Keating named his son Cooper, no one batted an eyelid.

In the celebrity world of unusual baby names, it seemed pretty well, pedestrian. So what if I told you it was part of an even bigger trend in baby names, one that’s been growing in popularity right under our noses?

The singer and his wife Storm are part of an increasing number of parents who have chosen to give their baby boys a name that was once traditionally a surname only.

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Cooper is one of 20 surnames included in the top 100 most popular boy’s names in Australia last year, with another 10 in the top 200.

Also on that list are Darcy, Ryan and Tyler – which have become so acceptable as first names you could be forgiven for forgetting they started as surnames.

Don’t believe they even were last names? Luke Darcy is former Aussie rules footballer, Peter Ryan is a Victorian politician and Liv Tyler is well, Liv Tyler.

Liv Tyler's last name is a lot of boy's first name.(Image via Getty.)

There are so many little boys answering to Jackson - the ninth most popular name in Australia in 2017 so far (including variants in spelling) - but let's remember it's also the last name for stars like Michael, Janet and Samuel L.

Meanwhile, names like Mason (ranked 11th), Harrison, Archer, Hunter and Hudson are relatively new first names that have edged their way into the top 50 most popular names in recent years.

Also in the top 100 are Logan, Ashton, Carter, Ryder, Spencer, Fletcher, Lewis, Maxwell and Hayden.

So what's next for last-name-first-names?

Can we expect little McDonalds, Thompsons and Smiths to be toddling around in the next few years? With the trend looking like it has no signs of stopping, we wouldn't be surprised.

Does your son or relative have a surname for a first name?