Suri Cruise. Why do we care?

I’ve never felt that a toddler was over-exposed before but I’m kinda starting to feel that way about Suri. Still, I look at those shots as much as the next celeb-obsessed-freak. I am horrified by the way some trash mags are starting to pit celebrity toddlers against each other on lists of ‘best dressed’ so there’s that.
But then I found myself having a conversation with a girlfriend where we were both expressing our concern for Suri because she never appeared to be wearing any kind of warm clothing in close to freezing temperatures in New York, depsite her parents being rugged up. That’s three minutes of my life I’ll never get back.
Perhaps it’s just yet another way we explore issues about ourselves – through watching how celebrities appear to parent their kids….although what we see is such a thin slice of the whole picture, it’s nuts to evaluate them or judge ourselves based on a papparazzi picture.
After the jump, the momversation women discussing it….

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