Jo Frost: "It is not a teacher’s job to potty train your kid."

Supernanny star, Jo Frost, has help for parents who are sending their children to school without toilet training.

Teachers say parents are sending their children to school without potty training basics.

“It is not a teacher’s job to potty train your kid, it’s not,” Frost told Mamamia.

“However, there is the grey area for those families that are dealing with medical conditions,” she added.

The parenting expert, who is heading to Australia for a tour in June, said there is no reason why children with good language skills shouldn’t be potty trained and ready for school.

“When you are looking at children who are five and six and are ticking off all the boxes confidently, I can see why teachers would be questioning why children are not being potty trained,” she said.

“It is a parent’s responsibility.”

Jo Frost has the answers. Image supplied.

Former kindergarten teacher, Chloe*, said time was wasted on toilet training instead of learning in her class.

Around half of the 20 children in her Western Sydney kindy class weren't toilet trained.

"For the first term of school we'd have to take toilet breaks at different intervals throughout the day to cater for the children who hadn't been toilet trained," she said.

"This involved us leaving the classroom, going to the boy's toilet and allowing them all to go, then the same for the girl's toilet. This would take around 20 minutes at various times during the day as many couldn't hold on for recess or lunch.


"If we didn't do this, it would lead to accidents," said Chloe.

Toilet training is a must on the school-ready checklist. Image via iStock.

Frost, who is world famous for helping families with parenting challenges, says committing to toilet training is key.

"When you recognise that your child ready, there’s no such thing as ‘well, we’ll put him in underpants for the week and when we go off to Grandma’s we’ll put the nappy back on him’ - that doesn’t happen," said Frost.

"If you go through it, you’ve got to go whole hog. If you go for it, you’re going for it," she added.

The television presenter suggests taking a travel potty on outings while training.

"Don’t ask, but tell. Don’t ask, because if you ask your child in the middle of them having fun do they want to go to the toilet, what do you think they’re going to tell you? They’ll tell you 'no'. They think they’re going to miss something," said Frost.

"They all think they’re going to miss out. They think you’re going to take them to the bathroom and you’re going to go through an exit door in the bathroom and they’re never going to come back to play again."

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