The photos that show Aussies are finally supporting our farmers.

Australians are taking to social media to document the empty shelves in supermarkets where local milk brands used to sit.

The bare shelves are testament to the Australian community’s determination to get behind Australian milk farmers fighting to keep their businesses alive.

The rush to buy locally produced dairy comes after The Project‘s co-host Waleed Aly this week begged Australians to eat more cheese and support local dairy farmers.

If you want to know which brands of milk will support local farmers, we have compiled a list here.

In his call to arms, Aly explained that farmers are facing bankruptcy after milk prices were radically slashed last year.

The cuts mean farmers were being paid just 37 cents for a litre that costs them 38 cents to make.

The posts of empty shelves have been mounting under the hashtags: #milkeddry. #dairyfarmers. #milkcrisis and #milk.


Australians can help farmers by purchasing Australian-made dairy products such as milk, yoghurt and cheese.

A spokeswoman for Australian Dairy Farmers previously told Mamamia that consumers were supporting farmers even if a brand was not Australian-owned, so long as the product used Australian milk.

“Our key message is to support farmers. What that means for consumers is buying branded products. Australian dairy farmers produce milk for all of these branded products – even if the label isn’t Aussie owned – so you are still supporting our farmers,” the spokeswoman said.

While companies like Fonterra and Murray Goulburn are embroiled in the milk price cuts, boycotting their products does not help the huge proportion of farmers connected to them.

The more shoppers buying branded dairy, the more people show they are willing to pay a little more for their milk and that the price cuts are unnecessary.

Supporters can also contribute by shopping directly from the Aussie Farmers delivery service or by offering a donation.

Watch Aly make his ‘greatest call to arms’ in this week’s episode of The Project.

Video via Channel 10