Forget kale - these are the superfood trends coming your way in 2015.

Image: iStock

There’s no denying superfoods had a bit of a moment in 2014.

It was a bit ridiculous, to be honest. Take, for instance, kale. Last year, we took a seemingly ordinary green leaf that had previously flown under the radar, and turned it into chips, soup, salad, juice and smoothies to the extent we actually pushed kale to the precipice of extinction. Oops.

Camel milk is a thing now? Just. Stop. It.

Acai berries found a cult following, just about anything derived from a coconut proved crazy popular, and we even tried cooking with avocado oil (with not much success).

Now 2015 is upon us, and with it comes a whole new stable of superfoods ready to keep us healthy – or at least claim to – this year. Here’s what The Independent, Kefir and WellnessMama are predicting to be huge over the next 12 months. We’re not saying you have to eat them, we’re just warning you. Be alert, not alarmed…

Have you tried any of the 2015 superfoods? What did you think?