We all know the best thing about the Super Bowl is the half-time entertainment and the ads.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The only time we actually voluntarily watch ads.

During today’s 2016 Super Bowl, the most precious airtime on US television was filled with hilarious ads featuring cameos from well-known (and even better paid) celebrities.

And at a cost of $5 million for 30 seconds of airtime, they’d want to be bloody good.

Here are some of the best:

A foetus who loves corn chips as much as the rest of us.

Australian filmmaker Peter Carstairs managed to win a much sought-after ad spot in a Doritos competition with the unlikely story of a Doritos-obsessed foetus.

In a pool of around 4,500 entrants, the 45-year-old Melburnian’s commercial was one of two to air during the iconic half time break, putting him in the running to win USD$1 million.

Watch it here (post continues after video):

News Limited reports Mr Carstairs, the husband of The Secret Life of Us actor Sibylla Budd, used the ultrasound of his son, Freddie, in the commercial.

Though the ad was not without it’s share of controversy, with some social media users swearing off the chip brand and claiming the tongue-in-cheek ad was ‘disturbing’ as it tried to make premature birth ‘appetising’, The Daily Mail reports.

It was the first time in Super Bowl history an Australian commercial has aired during the broadcast.

Helen Mirren being a total boss.

Alec Baldwin making fun of the fact he doesn’t have an Oscar. (But it’s OK because he’s rich.)

Move over dancing baby, this oddly mesmerising ‘puppymonkeybaby’ just replaced you.

No one messes with Ronda Rousey, not even Amy Schumer or Seth Rogen.

The stalker dad and the awkward first date.

If only regular ads were so entertaining.

Which is your favourite?

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