Sunrise team flies business class to Hawaii, but pretty much leave Edwina to hitch-hike.

Do you want some aloe vera for that BURN, Edwina?

The whole Channel 7 Sunrise team spent a week in Hawaii recently, so they could drink piña coladas and get caught in the rain. On camera.

Social media gave us glorious photos of the happy crew getting spoiled in business class on Qantas flights, both to and from their sunny holiday destination.

Except weather reporter Edwina Bartholomew, who was probably having to paying $12 for a sandwich on an economy Jetstar flight.

Edwina, preparing to row herself to Hawaii.

Seriously. Here is the WHOLE TEAM, looking happy together:

  And then here is Edwina:

But imagine the seat is half this size, and made of pleather.

  At least she wasn’t alone on the Jetstar flight. The Cash Cow may have some money to give away, but it looks like he has some cash flow problems himself.  

Look who is on the way! #cashcow @jetstaraustralia #hawaiisun7 @alohadownunder A photo posted by Sunrise (@sunriseon7) on


To rub it in even more, when the group landed back in Sydney after a hard week away under the palm trees, everyone got picked up by private cars. Except Edwina, who was left to hail a taxi.

According to the Daily Telegraph, a Seven spokeswoman says ‘IT’S COOL GUYS, WE STILL TOTALLY LIKE EDWINA’

“Edwina and her crew travelled via Jetstar, as they do each week, wherever their locations take them. It’s a big broadcast and camera kit that has to travel with them. And — it’s an ongoing, week-in, week-out arrangement.”

Also on Sunrise: Sam Armytage accused of ‘shoving’ a colleague.

But why didn’t she get her own private car? With a chaffeur? With a hat?

“Everyone makes their own plans on arrivals back into Sydney. Edwina chose the taxi option. Others made their own arrangements.”

Poor Edwina. The budget just doesn’t quite stretch far enough for her to have a comfy seat.

If you ever see Edwina and the Cash Cow sharing a seat on the back of a Tiger Airways flight, relax. All in a day.

Have a look at the Sunrise trip to Hawaii. Looks fun. Sometimes even for Edwina.


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