Yes, you need to protect your hair from the sun. Here's how to do it.

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In summer, putting sunscreen all over your body is a no-brainer — but have you ever thought about the damage the sun can do to your hair?

Just as with your skin, UV rays can wreck havoc on your hair, and while a hat can double up as a shade provider and semi-protect your hair from the gaze of the sun, it doesn’t eliminate this damage entirely.

This is why using sun protection on your strands should be a non-negotiable.

“The sun can dehydrate hair, leave it feeling dry and depleted of moisture, and can also fade colour,” explains stylist Joey Scandizzo.

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The sun’s UVA and UVB rays damage the hair right from the cuticle to its inner structure, leaving it weak, brittle and more susceptible to split ends. Eek!

Before you get too far ahead, this doesn’t mean you have to start slathering sunscreen on your hair. Rather, try incorporating doubly hydrating products that have their own form of sun protection into your regimen — particularly if you dye your hair.

“For coloured hair you need to use products that have sun protection and shield out UV rays to stop your colour from fading,” says Scandizzo. (Post continues after gallery.)

If you fail to do so, brunettes, don’t be surprised if your hair starts to take on a reddish hue.

“For really dry hair you need to use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner and a moisture rich treatment once a week. I would also recommend a leave-in treatment you can use daily to keep hair nourished all day to stop your hair going frizzy,” Scandizzo explains.


So where to begin?

The easiest way is to mix up your usual shampoo and conditioner combination for an extra hydrating one, as well as doing a masque once or twice a week.

Start off with a super hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Image: iStock.

For an easy everyday solution, try a leave-in treatment that will not only protect your hair, but also make it look great.

"My all time favourite product to use every day is Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment ($24.95). It protects hair from UV rays, it's hydrating and nourishes dry hair without weighing it down and is the perfect foundation for any style," Scandizzo says.

So go forth and get those beach waves — both real and in your hair — but take the time to slip, slap and slick your hair before you do.

Do you bother with sun protection for your hair?