The one beauty product that you should be wearing EVERY day.

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Remember that time we warned you about the damaging effects of UV rays?

We know you read it. We also know that it probably convinced you to change your sun safety habits… for about two weeks.

Look closely. This is what the sun is really doing to your skin.

Well, if the last video didn’t leave you reaching for the SPF 50+, hopefully this next one will.

This time, US artist Thomas Leveritt has teamed up with NIVEA and brought his special UV camera to Australia to examine the harmful effects of our sun – the one that beats down on your face/neck/shoulders/knees/toes when you forget to apply sunscreen.

Leveritt set up his high-tech UV camera at Sydney’s Bondi and asked unsuspecting beach goers to examine their faces in it. As you may have suspected, the results were quite telling. On each face, the camera revealed numerous freckles, sun spots, lines and marks that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Is this the key to lowering your skin cancer risk?

The footage also pays testament to how effective sunscreen is. While it may glide on white before disappearing into our skin, Leveritt’s camera gives sunscreen a not-so-subtle black hue. This is because it actually blocks out UV rays, providing a barrier between your skin and the harsh Aussie sun, so you can obviously see where it has been missed.

As always, the message here is to be sunsafe, and not to underestimate the power of sunscreen. Apply it to yourself, apply it to your friends, apply it to your family.

Since sunscreen should be a non-negotiable for you in 2015 and beyond, here are some of our favourite sunscreens.