Four style trends that'll help you welcome the warm weather.

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Wake up and smell the jacaranda blooms, friends. The warm weather has arrived. And with it, the usual wardrobe stress. I’m talking about that help-I-have-nothing-to-wear feeling we all get when it becomes apparent our winter coats and turtlenecks don’t quite cut it in 25 degree plus weather.

To point those fashionable feet of yours in the right direction, I’ve rounded up four trends guaranteed to be “in” all spring and summer.

Trend one: Denim.

Denim is your fairy godmother when it comes to dressing for seasons starting with ‘S’. A nice pair of denim shorts can take you from the beach to happy hour at your local. A denim jacket is practically the only member of the jacket family capable of translating easily to warm weather. And a denim skirt or dress always feels fresh and fun.

Denim is your fairy godmother when it comes to dressing for Spring/Summer. Images: Westfield.

The hero item: Jeanswest Danii Denim Hot Shorts, 49.95.

Excuse me while I let out an exhale of relief. Denim shorts that aren’t skin tight or so short your butt cheeks will be on display - they’re finally taking over. Hallelujah.

The hero item: The Fifth Label First Light Dress, $50.

Westfield Style Ambassador for The Front Line campaign and Aussie supermodel Emma Balfour (who used to model alongside the likes of Kate Moss, FYI) features this in her “shop the look”, but that’s not the only reason we’re making eyes at it. This casual dress was made for all summery shenanigans. The wrap detail? The icing on the cake.

To browse the denim collection available at Westfield, click here.

Trend two: Neutrals.

Whenever neutrals are mentioned, people’s eyes tend to glaze over. Stay. With. Me. Because neutrals are actually the style category that allow you to have the most fun. You see, black, white, caramel, grey and navy (if you’re feeling adventurous, give pastel pink and blue a crack, too) items can go with everything. Meaning you’ll wear them 285 per cent more than everything else in your wardrobe. A caramel vest can go over dresses, or a jeans and T-shirt combo. A black pair of cigarette pants can accompany you to a black tie dinner, or be dressed down for work. You catching my drift?

Neutral items items can go with abso-freakin-lutely everything. Images: Westfield.

The hero item: Witchery Eye Palette, $19.95.

Yep, neutral makeup works just as well as clothes do. This brilliant palette contains five shades ranging from cream to gold right through to brown. You’ll use it as much as you use toothpaste. (So, a lot.)

The hero item: Sportscraft Christina Skirt in White, $39.00.

If you struggle to work with neutrals like white, this metallic, shimmery option is the perfect way in. It’ll still give your outfits a fancy edge and I guarantee you’ll find 101 ways to pair it with everything else in your wardrobe. Winning.


To browse the neutrals collection available at Westfield, click here.

Trend three: Luxe glam.

I have a question for you that I want you to think very seriously about: why is it that we only wear sequins, elaborate earrings and fancy-wear at one-off glamorous events? This spring/summer I’m urging everyone to rise up against this ridiculous style rule and incorporate a touch of glam wherever you are. A glittery top worn to the servo? Why the hell not?

"Incorporate a touch of glam wherever you are." Images: Westfield.

The hero item: Forever New Karina Lace Split Front Dress, $159.95.

Come this time of the year I have a familiar style problem: What in spring’s name am I going to wear to the races/weddings/Christmas parties/end of year drinks? The answer is this flattering LBD with a dressed-up touch. That lace detailing at the bottom? Think of it as your goes-with-everything glamorous life raft.

The hero item: Oroton Bueno Travel Clutch, $192.50.

Bold. Gold. Big enough to store your smartphone, lipgloss, keys and cards? Tick, tick and tick. An eye-catching clutch or handbag swung over your arm is an instant confidence boost.

To browse the luxe glam collection available at Westfield, click here.

Trend four: Colour block.

Yes, patterns and prints are wonderful. But this season we’re all about taking it down a notch. Coming back to basics. All that kind of jazz. Block colour clothing brings a simplicity to your wardrobe not before known. Block coloured tops go with block coloured skirts go with block coloured shoes. There are no clashes. No messy-looking ensembles. Just clean, bursts of colour.

Sun's out, colour's in. Images: Westfield.

The hero item: Ava and Ever Piper Pants, $59.95.

Slouchy. Relaxed. The perfect colourful work alternative to boring ol’ grey slacks.

The hero item: Siren Shoes Nelly Coral Suede shoes, $169.95.

If you’re addicted to black clothing and are trying to wean yourself off, a fresh pair of colourful heels will make the process easier. These come in the dreamiest coral colour and the block heel gives an illusion of put-togetherness while being small enough to walk about in all day.

To browse the colour block collection available at Westfield, click here.

What are your fav summer trends?

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