Leigh Campbell: 5 simple steps to ensure your hair isn't fried by the end of summer.

Every summer I swear I’m going to look after my hair in the sun and water (both salt and chlorine are my poison), and every March I say “dammit, my split ends have so many split ends, I need to get a bob to fix this.”

But not this year! This year I’m going to really look after my hair. Like, truly.

I mean, I feel like Covid restrictions might help a little anyway because there will be way less parties to attend where I’d normally heat style (constant blow drying and curling is a killer).

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I was having a chat to Virginie Gayssot the other day. She’s the Head of Education for Franck Provost Australia, which is a fancy French hairdresser. I was telling her how I want to not let my hair go to sh*t, basically, and she gave me a bunch of advice. Advice I’m going to now give to you, because good hair is a democratic right.

“As cliche as it sounds, hair health really does come from within, so ensuring you are eating healthy with a wide range of nutrients and vitamins is my first tip. Boring, I know,” Virginie told me.

*puts down Tommy’s margarita and orders some Evian* 

“Before using any hot tools, always use a heat protector,” was her next tip. “I place my heat protector next to my hairdryer so I don't forget. Oh, and when drying, don't place the hairdryer too close to the ends!”

Okay I already do that! Gold star for me. 

“Limit how much you wash your hair. French women never wash their hair daily. Personally I rarely use hot tools on my hair, which again is quite common for French women as we don't like to look overdone. For extra dry hair a treatment mask can be used instead of conditioner.”


Of course. French women basically fall out of bed and look chic and fabulous. Sigh.

“Wash your hair straight after you get out of the pool or beach with cold water. Even just a rinse at the beach is better than nothing. And remember, sunscreen is not just for your face! Protect your hair from UV rays with a wide brim hat and use products tailored to the sun. I use the Soleil range by Kerastase to protect my hair.”

I can do both of those and I’m a bogan Aussie! All is not lost! 

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“Lastly, my personal little tips for great hair, and not just in summer. Don’t forget your scalp! Use an exfoliating scalp scrub once a week. I like to do mine on Self Care Sunday. Also, every night I apply the Nutritive 8hr Magic Night Serum. It's my favourite, your hair looks amazing the next day. And I always sleep on a silk pillow to not damage my hair and never ever sleep with my hair tied up.”

And then she hung up.

And I was like, “Okay bye Virgine! I know you’re super well respected in the industry with like 20 years experience, but don't you want to hear my tips?” 

LOL jokes. But Here are my tips anyway:

  • Work a hair mask or regular conditioner through your mid-lengths and ends and pop your hair in a bun before you go swimming. It’ll help protect your hair from taking on as much salt or chlorine water.
  • Let your hair air-dry as much as your personal texture will allow, THEN heat style. I generally air-dry to around 80 per cent, then blow dry. Minimises the damage by A LOT.
  • Don’t fiddle with or twirl the ends of your hair (she types as she fiddles with the end of her hair). I am literally THE WORST at this. I do it when I’m thinking and the result is ends that are like a paintbrush.
  • Make love to dry shampoo. Not literally, but using it strategically to stretch out your style for another day or so saves time, money (by using less shampoo and conditioner) and less manual aggravation from washing and styling.
  • Don’t wear your hair in the same style every day (I'm looking at you, mums with your mum buns). Reason being, when it’s pulled back in the same spot day in day out it causes stress on the strands, which leads to breaking.

Feature Image: Alice Mahran / Instagram @Leighcampbell 

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