"It definitely put me in a holiday mood": 23 things the Mamamia team shopped this month.

November was a big shopping month for the Mamamia team.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and summer just around the corner, it only made sense that we stocked up on some new pieces for our wardrobes. Things were discounted! Heavily!

Watch: What the Mamamia team are wearing to the office. Post continues after video.

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From summer dresses to all the shoes, here are 23 fashion things we shopped this month.

Aere Crossover Leather Footbed Slides, $140.

"After seeing chunky sandals everywhere, I gave in and bought a pair too. I'm so glad I did. This pair from Aere go with everything and are so comfortable. I've worn them non-stop since they arrived." - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

Image: Supplied. 


ASOS DESIGN Plisse Wrap Jumpsuit in Rust Animal Print, $76.

"I love this new jumpsuit from ASOS! It’s so good for work but the material is slightly metallic which means it’s a little fancy and perfect for going out after too. I love jumpsuits so much because I don’t really have to think about any other part of my outfit - I just pop it on and I’m good to go!" - Eleanor Katelaris, Social Media Producer.

Image: Supplied. 

Glassons Tailored Straight Leg Check Pant, $49.99.

"These pants are unbelievably flattering and SO comfortable. They are high-waisted and tighter up the top (to hug in all the right places) and flare out at the bottom. I've been dressing them up with a boot heel for nights out or dressing them down in sneakers for everyday wear. I may or may not have worn them every Friday night for the past four weeks..." - Maddie King, Social Media Executive.

Image: Supplied. 


Rozalia X Billlini The Flatform, $99.95.

"Billini have teamed up with mega-influencer Rozalia Russian on a line of strappy heels and flats, and the timing couldn't be more perfect because I've been searching for a pair of elevated flip flops! These faux leather flatforms will be on my feet all summer long." - Tamara Davis, Head of Lifestyle and co-host of What Are You Wearing?.

Image: Supplied.

Petal + Pup Apex Dress, $79.95.

"I recently bought this dress and love it for Summer! I'm obsessed with the colour and you can dress it up or down depending on your accessories." - Simone Masci, Sales Manager.

Image: Supplied. 


Mombasa Rose Sunny Earring Mint Peach Hoop, $12.99.

"I also got these earrings which I think are fun for summer too!" - Simone Masci, Sales Manager.

Image: Mombasa Rose.

New Balance 57/40, $180.

"I'm completely obsessed with these chunky New Balance kicks. They are my second pair from the brand, and I can confirm they make the comfiest sneakers - it feels like you're walking on a cloud. I've gotten so many compliments on these already." - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.


Image: Supplied.

Limited Edition Gimme Hat, $34.95.

"I’ve never been a 'hat' person (cos I have a chronically square head), but got this cutie from Gimme and I have worn it non-stop. The yellow makes me so damn happy." - Katie Stow, Evening Editor.

Image: Supplied. 


Curve Project Girlz Broderie Maxi Dress, $139.99.

"I bought this as a fun festive dress (also comes in black) and it definitely put me in a holiday mood, even though both times I've worn it I ended up getting drenched by these crazy storms, but I'm still persevering with the (soggy) Christmas cheer." - Laura Brodnik, Entertainment Editor and co-host of The Spill.

Image: Curve Project. 

Alix Yang Julie Earrings, $170.

"And I just bought these and they're arriving today. I have so many Alix Yang earrings and they wear really well, I had been searching for some statement pearl earrings for the holidays." - Laura Brodnik, Entertainment Editor and co-host of The Spill.

Image: Alix Yang. 


Boohoo Tall Wu-tang Licensed T-shirt, $40.

"I just bought this T-shirt from Boohoo - I didn’t realise it was so *fluorescent pink* but I’m going to rock it, anyway. It’s quite casual but the other day I dressed it up with a faux-leather maxi skirt and boots for work. And who doesn’t love a bit of colour for spring?!" - Leah Porges, Podcast Producer.

Image: Boohoo. 

Dissh Lexi White Linen Midi Dress, $169.99.

"I purchased this for my engagement party and am still so obsessed with this look! I felt so comfy and chic. It's so easy to wear, flattering, a good length for shorties like me, and affordable for something you'll get a lot of wear out of. Comes in black, chocolate and cream too!" - Kee Reece, Branded Audio Manager and co-host of The Spill.

Image: Supplied. 


Dylan Kain The Rhea Sling Bag Mocha, $420.

"I've been hunting for the perfect shoulder bag for some time, and when I came across this one I fell in love. It's the ideal size - small but big enough for all the essentials, goes with everything and an investment piece I'll use for years to come. It's probably my favourite buy of 2021." - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

Image: Supplied. 


Mango Maxi Ruffles Dress, $149.95.

"The most stylish person I know Tamara Davis (host of What Are You Wearing?) let the office into a little secret: Mango is the place to shop for Zara-like finds that aren't Zara. During the Black Friday sales, I grabbed this dress for the summery months ahead. I love the vibrant colour of the pink maxi; I'm thinking it will be perfect for a brunch or drinks with friends." - Melody Teh, Editor.

Image: Mango. 

Listen to What Are You Wearing, Mamamia's weekly fashion podcast. In this episode, co-hosts Tamara Davis and Deni Todorovic discuss what really happens at Fashion Week. Post continues after audio.

Zara Dress with Cutwork Embroidery, $109.

"Getting on the white frock trend - I just ordered this from Zara." - Belinda Cook, Head of Audio Sales.

Image: Zara. 


Bared Footwear Tinkerbird White Leather Flat Boots, $359.

"I got these boots at the beginning of the month and they have quickly become a staple! They make every outfit feel more luxe and they're easily the comfiest shoes I own." - Mikayla Floriano, Podcast Producer.

Image: Bared Footwear. 

Review Queen Of Hearts Jersey Dress, $199.95.

"I don't buy new clothes often... at all... but I bought this a couple of weeks ago. I've always liked Review dresses - the combination of jersey material and a wrap style makes them super comfortable and flattering. It can be dressed up or down too with a change of shoe." - Madeline Joannou, Managing Producer of Podcasts.

Image: Review. 


Simone Perele Wish Full Cup Plunge Bra, $129.95.

"Guess who finally decided to be an adult a buy a proper good quality bra? ME! I went into Simone Perele and got a proper fitting, found my best size and then invested in a cute one in a practical shade of white. It's shockingly comfortable and looks really fancy on." - Katie Stow, Evening Editor.

Image: Simone Perele. 

Zara High Heel Sandals with Thin Straps, $69.95.

"Colourful heels are a real vibe this summer, so I snagged these during my last visit to Zara. And how fun are they! I clearly can't stop buying shoes right now." - Charlotte Begg, Lifestyle Writer.


Image: Supplied. 

Poppy Lissiman Nifty Camera Bag - Lilac, $140.

"I bought this Poppy Lissiman bag at the beginning of the month and I adore it. I'm a bit of a Poppy Lissiman hoarder. It's obviously a bit on the spendy side but I use it constantly and it's the perfect size for just the essentials, so it's worth it." - Mikayla Floriano, Podcast Producer.

Image: Poppy Lissiman. 


Dissh Hallow White Linen Ring Midi Dress, $189.99.

"I got this for a friendsgiving in November and it was so cute and made me feel very Hamptons chic. The cut-out is small enough to still feel comfy. I think I can definitely dress it down with cute sneakers or sandals too!" - Madeleine Balkwell, Senior Content Executive.

Image: Dissh. 

Gimme Coachella Phone Charm, $34.95.

"I have a mad tendency of dropping my phone at least four times a day, so this cute charm has saved me from having to get my screen replaced this month! WOOHOO!" - Katie Stow, Evening Editor.

Image: Gimme Store. 


Rosemary Lennox Midi Dress Natural, $229.

"I've been looking for a flowy, boho type dress that I can wear to the office and also on weekends. This floral printed dress from Auguste caught my eye during the sales and it looks like the perfect dress that you can just chuck on and go!" - Melody Teh, Editor.

Image: Auguste. 

Did you buy something new in November? Or maybe you thrifted something cute and gave it new life! Tell us in the comments.

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