LEIGH CAMPBELL: 10 lazy-girl beauty tips to get you through this summer.

What a year! 

2021 was full on for many reasons - cute little global pandemic, a couple of lockdowns, not to mention whatever you went through personally - it was a lot.

In beauty we saw a massive focus on skincare because naturally, as people spent more time inside their homes, makeup took a back seat. At-home treatments and devices exploded in popularity and the lines of beauty and self care merged more than ever. 

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I know I’m not the only one who feels like they are limping towards the end of the year. Collectively I think we’ve all earned this summer break (if you get one!) more than ever.

So, with that in mind, I’m not going to tell you to do hard, long or complicated beauty things during your holidays. No way. For me, these holidays are all about being as lazy as I can possibly be while maintaining a pulse.

Here are my fast, easy and lazy summer beauty tips:

  • If you’re going swimming, dampen your hair first and pop some regular conditioner through the mid lengths and ends. This will protect your hair so the pool or sea water doesn't dry it out.

  • Still on swimming, rinse in fresh water after a swim if you can. It’ll stop your skin drying out and getting itchy. 

  • Make tinted sunscreen and bright lipstick your besties. If I’m going to lunch (or anywhere I need to look half decent during the holidays) I quickly swipe these two products on and I look glowy and ‘done’. Easy.

  • If Santa is bringing you an at-home device (or has in the past) like an LED mask, Nuface or the like, make sure you use it! Sounds obvious but so many of these things sit collecting dust. They only work if you use them.

  • And on that note, use those sheet masks you’ve been hoarding. What are you keeping them for? Whack one on and kick back with Netflix.

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  • Chuck a big slurp of body oil in your bath in the evenings. It’s the fastest way to hydrate your limbs - just get out and dress.

  • Speaking of oil, it’s the answer to pretty much everything if you’re going away and want to pack light. Use a good oil all over your face and body, through the ends of your hair, to hydrate your cuticles and to add sheen to the cheekbones. It's a summer MVP. 

  • Forget trying to fight the frizz and embrace a slicked-back bun. It hides dirty hair, sweat and all round CBF vibes. The lazy bun is the hairstyle of summer 2021. It’s good to give your hair a rest from heated tools, too.

  • Chuck your face mist in the fridge. A chilled spritz feels amazing if you're hungover or just hot and bothered. Also helps calm skin if you accidentally get sunburnt.

  • Don’t get accidentally sunburnt (or on purpose for that matter). SPF all day everyday, please. Don't forget behind and the top of your ears! Oh, and your hands! 

Feature Image: @leighacampbell