"My skin is so soft after using it.": 12 women test Sukin's new Brightening Jelly Exfoliator.

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Exfoliating products continue to explode on the skincare market and every beauty editor or content creator is raving about their benefits. And, for good reason.   

To put it simply: an exfoliator removes the buildup of dead skin cells.

So no matter how much you hydrate your skin with cleansers, creams and oils, if you haven't removed those skin cells with an exfoliator, your skin can still appear dry and dull. 

A good exfoliator not only removes those no-longer-wanted cells but also targets other skincare concerns, like brightening or hydrating the skin.

The Sukin Brightening Jelly Exfoliator does both. 

Formulated with Kakadu plum (a natural source of Vitamin C) and Bromelain (a natural fruit enzyme), these key ingredients gently remove impurities, while the passionfruit seeds and jojoba gently buff the skin to promote even and dewy skin.

Sounds like a dream, right?

To help you find out whether it actually ticks all those boxes, we asked our Mamamia You Beauty Panel to trial the Sukin Brightening Jelly Exfoliator and share their honest thoughts.

Here's what they reported back to us.

Megan, 22: "My skin is so soft after using it."

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"A really nice and gentle exfoliator that gets the job done. My skin is so soft after using it. I noticed a huge difference in the texture and overall appearance of my skin. The exfoliator gently removed any dry skin overall adding a beautiful glow."

Aradhana, 27: "This feels like the perfect pick me up when I'm having a bad skin day."

Image: Supplied. 


"This was so gentle on my skin and my skin felt so smooth afterwards. I have very dry skin so I'm very used to more rough exfoliators but since this was super soft, I knew it wasn't doing any damage. When I took the jelly off, my face felt so moisturised. This feels like the perfect pick me up when I'm having a bad skin day, just to brighten me up."

Hannah, 24: "I’ve found my new favourite exfoliating product."

Image: Supplied. 

"It was great. I think I’ve found my new favourite exfoliating product. I really enjoyed it, I found it a lot less harsh than other exfoliating products I’ve used but it still cleansed my skin and left it feeling soft and smooth."


Liana, 29: "The smell is so fresh and beautiful."

Image: Supplied.

"It was really great. It had tiny little beads in it which made my skin feel so clean but wasn't harsh at all. The smell is so fresh and beautiful. It helped to get rid of all the dead skin cells and made my skin look and feel brighter.

Stephanie, 27: "The consistency is beautiful."

Image: Supplied. 


"The consistency is beautiful, light and fresh. The exfoliating beads are gentle, yet effective. I massaged it on my skin then left it on during my shower to let the enzymes do their job! My skin was left feeling bright, smooth and nicely flushed."

Cindy, 25: "I loved the jelly texture."

Image: Supplied. 

"The smells is amazing and the product did exactly what it promised! I loved the jelly texture (it was more fun than a cream or foam), it exfoliated my face perfectly and was gentle enough for regular use. Love it!"

Mietta, 20: "I am always left with a noticeable glow after I use this product."

"It made my skin so glowy! The jelly-like texture smooths onto skin so nicely and easily, and the gentle exfoliators really feel like they are doing so much work to remove all the dead skin cells and impurities from my skin. It smells so good and does not dry my skin out at all. I am always left with a noticeable glow after I use this product."

Abbie, 24: "It brightened my dull skin."

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"It was great! It did exactly what it said – brightened my dull skin and made it feel smooth and soft again.

"Firstly, the smell is amazing! It was the first thing I noticed when using the product. It was like orange and peony (very subtle) but felt very calming using it in the shower. It comes out like a gel and it has small beads mixed in. 

"The gel doesn’t lather up like most cream exfoliators, so I probably used too much product because it didn’t spread as far as others. However, the beads didn’t break down within the first five seconds like most other bead exfoliators, which was great. I felt like I could treat my skin to a true 30-second physical exfoliation."

Katrina, 24: "My face felt so smooth but also hydrated."

Image: Supplied.

"I really loved using this product. I have sensitive skin and find that most exfoliators with grains leave my skin with red patches. I found this product really easy to use. I found the grains didn't stick to the skin too much and rinsing off the product was so nice. After using the product my face felt so smooth but also hydrated. NO dryness."

Lisa, 30: "My skin absolutely lapped it up."

Image: Supplied. 


"It felt great to use and my skin absolutely lapped it up. It's definitely a product I'll keep using in the future!"

Alison, 32: "Saw an instant change in the texture of my skin."

Image: Supplied. 

"Loved it! Saw an instant change in the texture of my skin, especially around my eye area. Love the tingle sensation, really feel the product working!"

Jesseca, 35: "My skin felt lovely and clean, but not stripped or dry."

Image: Supplied. 


"I loved this product! I really like the scent (refreshing, without being overpowering). I also really liked that when I used it my skin felt lovely and clean, but not stripped or dry. I even talked my non-skincare using hubby into using it and he really liked it as well!" 

Have you tried the Sukin Brightening Jelly Exfoliator? Tell us what you thought of it in the comments below.

Feature image: Mamamia You Beauty Panel.

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