How to pack two weeks' worth of clothes into your carry-on bag.

Sometimes I feel like I’m the reason the saying “Everything but the kitchen sink” was coined. It doesn’t matter whether I’m going away for a night or two weeks, I become convinced that I definitely need to take four pairs of shoes, a mini fridge and a hat stand ‘just in case’.

Yes, I’m aware I probably need help.

Fortunately, assistance has come in the form of a clever clothes packing video. It’s been viewed over 11 million times and it shows serial over-packers how to pack everything you want into a very tiny space. (Post continues after full video.)

In the clip, the subject (who has not yet been identified – come forth packing genius, show your clever face) manages to fit a pile of clothes consisting of seven tops, two shirts, three pairs of pants, two jumpers, six pairs of socks and undies and a scarf into a small carry-on suitcase.

How? There’s no crumpling, sausage rolling or Mary Poppins-style bottomless bags involved. Instead, it’s all about a clever and space-saving folding technique to create a small parcel of clothes.

How to pack like a legend.

Step 1: Lay out a top or shirt with sleeves onto a flat surface.

Step 2: Take another top with sleeves and place it on top but the mirror opposite, so the necks overlap and the sleeves line up.

The first two items should have sleeves. Image: Facebook/OfficialAnacleto

Step 3: Continue overlaying tops in the same pattern.

Step 4: Fold your pants in half joining the legs together, then lay them horizontally lined up with the sleeves.

Step 5: Continue with any bottom item of clothing such as shorts and skirts. Place one more top on top. (Post continues after gallery.)


Step 6: Place your socks and undies together in the centre of the pile. Cover with a t-shirt or scarf to secure.

Step 7: Once you have everything laid out, take the sleeves of the top or shirt at the top and fold to cover the sock pile. Take the bottom of the top and fold over the pile, tucking the end underneath.

Step 8: Repeat with each layer, kind of as if you were wrapping up a present, then pop the parcel in your suitcase.

It should look like this:

Ta dah! Image: Facebook/OfficialAnacleto

Look, it has to be said that there are do a few tiny flaws - like the fact this person is only taking one pair of shoes and evidently not requiring any toiletries, makeup and other bits and bobs the rest of us accumulate.

The plus side? Now you can spend what you would've paid for luggage fees on more wine.

What's your best packing hack or trick?