A cruel meme about a Suicide Squad fan went viral. The Internet responded in the best way.

It’s sickening to think what would have gone through this teenager’s mind when she found this viral meme about herself online.

After spending hours doing the perfect hair and makeup, donning herself in her favourite movie character’s costume, and posting this photograph to her Facebook friends – how did she feel when she found it on the wider web?

If thousands of people had ‘liked’ an image of you with a banner reading “when you eat the whole squad” – how would you feel?

Really. I mean it. If it was you in this photo – your weight being mocked by an army of strangers – how would you feel?

Every time a person is turned into a meme, I wonder who of their friends thought doing so was okay. I wonder if that ‘friend’ thinks about the breathless moment this Harley Quinn fan finds their ‘artwork’. I wonder if they think about the person in their meme at all.

My guess is they probably don’t.

I clicked on the thousands of comments, expecting to be crushed by the usual avalanche of cruel nastiness.

To my surprise and delight, I saw the exact opposite.

Comment after comment praising the girl in the photo, saying how great she looked in her costume, admonishing the meme's creator and subsequent trolls for their negativity.

And you know what was even better?


Commenters took it upon themselves to edit the meme to read positive statements. (Image: Facebook/Chelsea Goldsworthy)

Yep, some commenters even took it upon themselves to edit the caption, explaining to the meme creator they had "fixed it". Thousands more liked it.

Whoever the girl in the photograph is, I hope she's doing okay.

And I hope she realises that while the internet sometimes shows the worst of what the world has to offer, there's plenty of people in her corner, admiring just how confident and great she is.