Such devastating news about Natasha Richardson.....

I can’t stop thinking about this ever since I heard the news the 45 year old actress and wife of Liam Neeson had been injured in what seemed like a harmless skiing fall a couple of days ago.
And it’s just been reported that Natasha Richardson has, in fact, died.
This story has been haunting me. I keeping thinking: HOW? WHY? I don’t know what particularly about it makes the story so distressing and hard to process…the fact there are two young boys and a loving husband left behind, how sudden it was, how she wasn’t doing anything dangerous……
This link to a report about how neurosurgeons are familiar with the idea of a seemingly mild head injury causing catastrophic consequences is worth reading if you’re interested [thanks Patti via Twitter]. Actually, everyone should read it so they can be aware of the possible dangers if they’re ever around someone who hits their head.
And for news about Natasha and her family, you can go here…the story is updating constantly.
All I can think of is to hug my loved ones and appreciate every moment……
Sending love and prayers to all her friends and family and anyone who has experienced the sudden loss of someone they love… unspeakably sad.

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