"We all have a secret milestone": 24 women share the moment they'll know they've 'made it'.

There are a tonne of ways to measure success. It could be in salary, in savings, in the position you hold at work, your home life, the number of countries you've travelled to, your relationships... the list goes on and on.

But everyone has that personal milestone hidden away, that little nugget of validation that when it arrives in their life they'll know they've made it. 

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This could be anything from being able to shout a round of drinks and not think twice, or getting promoted or nailing a yoga pose you never thought you'd be able to. 

So, because we're nosey, we asked 24 women what their secret success milestone is, and listed them all here for your eyeballs to enjoy.

I'll know I've made it when...

"Driving a car with a push button start. AKA driving a rich person car." - Lily.

"When I get a weekly cleaner. And gardener." - Charlotte. 

"Flying business class." - Meghna.

"When you know the electricity bill is due to come through and doesn’t matter if it's higher because you’ve used the aircon." - Renee. 

"If you throw a party and you just casually have it catered." - Lorna. 

"When my plants don't die on me." - Michaela.

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"Having a personal chef." - Lillian.

"Having a zip tap in my house. You know, one of those fancy boiling hot and freezing cold water ones. THE DREAM." - Kee.

"Having a Dyson hair straightener." - Erin.

"Buying Maldon Salt instead of Saxa." - Ellen.

"Not having to search for budget accommodation when going on holidays." - Rachel.


"When I own a cashmere jumper." - Kelly. 

"Getting Iggy's bread ordered to your house because you don't want to wait in line." - Ava.

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"Getting a weekly blowdry just because." - Lucinda.

"Owning anything silk." - Katherine. 

"One of those ‘Frame’ Samsung Tv’s that actually has been fitted to your house so it legit looks like a frame. No cords. Beautiful." - Renny.

"Buying homewares and not having to use Afterpay." - Charlie.

"Weekly hour long massages, without fail. And not through a towel. If you know, you know." - Kendra.

"When I don't put a 'big' purchase on AfterPay." - Alyssa.

"Having Hello Fresh." - Karen.

"When it stops being the natural reaction to order things on ASOS from a 'LOW to HIGH' price." - Katie.

"Shopping at Double Bay Woolies 'The Kitchen' exclusively." - Lucy. 

"Putting my kids through private school." - Laura.

"My whole childhood, it was when I could drive through McDonalds and get whatever I wanted. Like that's when you've effin' made it. Like get chips AND a drink." - Jessie.

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