The little boy from this meme is all grown up. And he desperately needs your help.

His dad needs a new kidney and there’s a chance you can help.

It’s probably the most famous meme on the internet; the little boy with a ‘f**k yeah’ attitude.

Most people have seen the image in a news feed – or used in some way to illustrate a feeling. But few people ever know where the image came from, or who the little boy is.

That baby’s name is actually Sammy Griner. And he’s now eight years old. And recently, he’s come back into social feeds for a different reason.

Sammy is asking the public for help to raise money for his dad to have a kidney transplant.

The ‘success kid’ meme.

Sammy’s dad Justin, 39, has suffered from kidney failure since before his son’s birth.

Justin’s mother died of kidney disease and his wife Laney is desperate that her husband not meet the same fate. Laney recently set up a Go Fund Me page asking for help.

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Originally she didn’t use her son in the campaign, but Laney eventually changed her mind when she contacted the media for help.

“But then I thought what a positive boost it could bring to our fundraising efforts for people to know this is for the father of the baby who has made so many people smile,” she told BuzzFeed.

GoFUndMe Success Kid
Justin, Sammy and Laney. Image via GoFundMe.

Although 80% of Justin’s post-surgery costs are covered by Medicare, the family still needs help with ongoing recovery costs. The goal is to raise $75,000. So far they’ve reached just shy of $55,000.

Sammy’s notoriety kicked-off in 2007 when Laney posted a picture of her son looking incredibly pleased with himself at the beach. The picture spread through to MySpace and Reddit where internet users began generating memes.

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She said this experience gave her faith in crowd-funding her husband’s surgery.

“We’re the parents of ‘Success Kid’ for goodness sake, if anyone understands the power, the mass, and goodwill of the Internet, it’s those of us lucky to experience it daily,” she told the Daily Dot.

If you wish to donate you can visit the page here.