7 genuinely helpful tips from a professional stylist.



Let’s be honest, we’ve all committed crimes in the name of fashion. Bianca Pizem, Head Stylist at brandsExclusive, lists the most common faux-pax Australian women make – and we’re guilty of most of them. Especially #4.

1. Wearing shoes you can’t walk in

They are called killer heels for a good reason, because they can kill off your style. You might have paid hundreds of dollars for a pair of designer heels, but if you’re stumbling around in them like Bambi on ice, people will be turning around for all of the wrong reasons. Make sure the shoe really fits before buying it – don’t tell yourself the leather will stretch if the last pair is half a size too small, and if 10cm heels feel too high for you in the shop, they will feel too high after a couple of vodkas.

2. Not knowing your body shape

Are you a pear, hourglass, apple, rectangle or inverted triangle? If you don’t know by now, take five minutes to figure out your body type and how to dress to flatter it. For instance, if you’re an apple (heavy in the middle), you should accentuate your bust and show off your legs, whereas pear shapes (fuller hips and booty) should go for A-line dresses and always wear something darker on the bottom part of your body.

3. Being stuck in the past

That boob tube might have looked amazing on you when you were in your 20s, but wearing it a decade or two later is just not the vintage touch that makes you look your best. Some women get stuck in a specific period of their lives when it comes to style, despite their bodies, lifestyles and fashion having changed massively since. If you are stuck, try to let go of the past and opt for clothes that look good on you right now and feel confident in the skin you are in, acknowledging that times have changed. Good clothing labels design for a specific market, so know which labels you like and that fit you (and your age), and follow their trends for inspiration – and have fun with it!


4. Wearing the wrong size bra

According to stats, up to 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra. That means, chances are big you are doing bad things to your tatas. A good fitting bra will make your clothes look better, so it’s really the basis for a great outfit. Go to a specialised lingerie store to get professionally fitted out, and try on as many bra options you can until you’re confident you’ve found the right fit. Bra-shopping isn’t fun, but once you know your size and the brands that fit you, you can go online to find some great bargains.

5. Wearing clothes that don’t fit

Whether you’re wearing clothes that are too small or too big, you’re not doing yourself any favours. Hiding your shape in baggy clothes makes you look bigger than you are, and squeezing into a garment just to be able to prove you are a certain size will actually make you look two sizes bigger with bits hanging out and buttons popping. Fashion rule number one; clothes should look tailored, and should accentuate your best parts and hide your more critical spots.

6. Using bad fake tan

Yes, fake tan is better for you than getting a real tan, but so many women get their fake tan in all shades of wrong – too much, too orange or just completely uneven. Find a good brand and a good professional who knows how to give you a sun-kissed – not sun-ravaged – touch. This is an area where you don’t want to go for cheap results.

7. Not dressing appropriately for the occasion

There is nothing worse than feeling under-dressed at a formal occasion. If you’re feeling uncertain about the dress code, it’s always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed as you can always easily dress down your look with a quick change of make-up, hairstyle or taking off a few accessories.

Did we miss any you need help fixing?