"The no-tool hair styling trick that tamed my frizzy curls forever."

My relationship with my hair is, well, complicated.

When it goes right, it garners me plenty of compliments, and when it goes wrong, I genuinely consider chopping it off.

I, like many women, have hair that is neither dead straight, nor naturally forms into anything resembling a style. It’s wavy and curly. It’s thin but there’s a lot of it and when I brush it, it would best be described as boofy, frizzy or fluffy.

But I have found a way to tame my hair. Around five years ago, a friend introduced me to a way of styling my hair that – and I’m not exaggerating here – changed my life.

It’s so damn simple, yet so effective and doesn’t require any tools or products, except for, if I have them, a couple of bobby pins.

I don’t mean to brag, but when I told a friend who has similarly troublesome hair about it, she tried it out herself and called me a “genius”.

OK, ok. Enough blowing my own hair hairdryer. Here goes:

First, I shower and wash my hair – or if it’s not dirty, just wet it under the showerhead and comb the knots out.

I hop out and towel dry my hair till it’s maybe 70 per cent dry – damp, but not dripping. Here’s where, if you want to apply a leave-in conditioner, hair oil or smoothing hair product, you can. Although most of the time I just skip this.

Now, if you have a fringe or just like some volume like me, you’ll want to blowdry your hair. I focus on the roots, but stay away from my lengths, and only get a brush involved if I’m styling my almost-grown-out fringe.

Then I comb out any knots that have somehow formed between the shower and here and section my hair into two – one each side of my head.

And this is where the magic happens. I just twist my hair, and I keep twisting until its ringlet. Like this:

no tools style curly hair
Don't worry, these messy hair sausages are only temporary.

Then, I pin this tight-ish ringlet to the opposite side of my head. And repeat on the other side.

So it looks like this:

no tools style curly hair
Cute right? Almost a hairstyle on its own. Almost.

And then I just leave it like that to dry as much as possible. If I've got the time to leave it like that for an hour, I will. But if it's only ten minutes, that works too.

Then I unpin it, leaving the ringlets intact and let my hair dry completely from there. If the ringlets come loose at this point it really doesn't matter as they should sort of hold some shape. Once dry, I run my fingers through my hair to separate my curls and voilà:

no tools style curly hair

This neat-ish, yet not too styled look is my go-to and I've found this technique gives me similar results every time.

Do you have any simple hair tricks that work every time?

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