Just five of the dumbest questions people have ever asked online.


You know how they say there’s no such thing as a stupid question? I once asked my boyfriend what hemisphere South America was in, so I can confirm that saying is wrong.

Sometimes questions pop into our heads and they just seem too silly or weird to ask out loud.

Well. That’s where Reddit comes in, folks. If nothing else, it’s a fascinating look at what the heck goes on in other people’s brains.

Here are a bunch of stupid questions crowdsourced from the (weird) brains in the Mamamia office and the strange, strange world of Reddit. You probably never thought of asking them, but hey, just in case:

1. “Do women who are paralysed from the waist down feel any pain when they are giving birth?”

Honestly, what a question.

This can be different from woman to woman as there are different types of paralysis.

One user said their aunt is paraplegic and when her first child was born, she didn’t feel her water breaking and had to be told she was in labour. She also couldn’t feel any of the contractions.

2. “Where the f*** does wind start?”

Bring this answer out next time you engage in weather related small-talk and wow your acquaintances.

According to Reddit, wind starts by: “Different latitudes of the earth receiving different proportions of sunlight, creating atmospheric temperature differentials that lead to low and high pressure areas. Wind is air moving from high to low pressure areas, roughly.”

3. “Do professional swimmers sweat when they are training under water?”


Apparently, yeah, they do, it’s just that you don’t notice it because you’re well… underwater.


4. Is it ever okay to buy kids clothes that might fit you, a full-grown adult?

The answer to this is obviously yes.

5. “Besides humans, are there any other species that pretend to sleep in order to go to sleep?”

Yes, other mammals have been observed doing this too.

It’s not clear if they too get so frustrated when their fake sleep fails to turn into real sleep that real sleep is no longer an option.

Evey morning. Image: iStock.

And here's a few that don't have answers just yet but are truly great questions we should all be pondering:

  • Why dont we have dog sized cats? "I've been wondering, we have like massive rottweilers that can reach 100lb so why cant we have cats just as big as that, like surely they must be developing a massive lump of Purr somewhere right?"

  • I need to find a song. It's Electronic and French and it goes like: Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep, beep beep, Beep beep beep... And then it just goes on like that. Can you help me find this song?

  • Do woodpeckers get headaches?