‘Stuff people pretend to like’ that we can’t stop giggling at.

Do you ever feel like there’s a bandwagon everyone is on, but you just don’t get it? Then this is for you.

An excellent hashtag has been making us giggle on Twitter this week, #StuffPeoplePretendToLike.

The kind of things that people might publicly enjoy on Facebook or in social situations, but secretly despise, like ‘team building exercises’ and ‘eating healthy’ (at least we assume that everyone actually hates it…).

Here are some of the top ones:












I asked around the office if any of the Mamamia team suspected everyone was only pretending to like something. And boy… did they get specific.

“Harem pants.”

“Proper literature (who doesn’t prefer chick lit?).”

“Staying out past 12:30pm.”

“Nicki Minaj.”

nicki minaj sit down you're dismissed
Do people ACTUALLY like Nicki Minaj?

“Q and A.”

“Red wine.”

“Your friend’s boyfriend.”

“Your boyfriend’s friends.”

“Your boyfriend’s mum.”

“Black coffee.”



“Strappy high heels.”



“Coconut water.”

“Shower sex.”

“And bath sex. Any water sex. Logistical, frictional nightmare.”

“Dark chocolate.”

“White chocolate.”

“Movies with subtitles.”

“War movies.”

Probs not.


The Big Bang Theory.

“Star Wars.”



“Green smoothies.”

Wow, guys. That really escalated. I, for one, really do like cats and white chocolate.

But maybe I’m just pretending.

Any other suggestions, people?