Sarah Harris and Michelle Bridges had a televised baby-battle.

Studio 10 host Jessica Rowe, mum to two beautiful girls of her own, knows all to well the madness and mayhem that comes with a new baby. So, on today’s show, she put forward the challenge to see just how prepared mums-to-be Sarah Harris and The Biggest Loser’s Michelle Bridges REALLY are.

The aim of the game? Be the first to get the baby out of the house.

studio 10 sarah harris
Image: Studio 10

First they have to swaddle the baby. Doable. But then, once the child origami is complete, the bub “does a big poo.” Lovely.

So it’s time to unwrap the freshly wrapped baby, change its nappy and re-swaddle.

Now it’s time to pop it in the pram, which involves unwrapping the baby AGAIN, unfolding pram and buckling up.

Sounds simple enough, right? (Deafening silence from all mothers.)


Check it out here:

Video via Studio 10

After a series of mishaps, including Harris’ “demon baby” flying off the table, seemingly of its own volition, both women finish the challenge.

The winner?

studio 10 sarah harris
Image: Studio 10

Let’s just say Michelle Bridges is clearly no stranger to a little healthy competition.