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A little boy's accident with his swimming shorts; “He was screaming a scream I hadn’t heard before.”

A five-year-old boy was rushed to hospital after his penis got caught in the netting inside his swimming shorts recently.

Jack Collins was holidaying with his mum Laura in Lanzerote, Mexico and had spent hours swimming in their hotel pool when the accident occurred.

Mum Laura posted the pictures on Jack on Facebook to warn other parents. Image via Facebook.

Ms Collins only realised what had happened after taking Jack's shorts off in the shower. With her son screaming in pain, the worried mum quickly alerted hotel staff, who responded quickly.

The UK pair were taken to the nearest hospital, where Jack was given a local anaesthetic and had the netting finally removed.

She took to Facebook to describe how she found the netting "literally strangling" her son's penis and to warn other parents of the little-known dangers of the netting.

Image via Facebook.

According to Ms Collins, doctors were initially worried the netting could have damaged Jack's urinary tract, but luckily, he is now expected to make a full recovery.

She claims local medical staff told her Jack's injury was becoming increasingly common.

Image via Facebook.

She told The Mirror that she bought the shorts from Tesco. The company has since apologised for the incident, and claim they are investigating the safety of the shorts.

We're hoping Jack recovers soon and that he and his mum managed to enjoy the rest of their holiday.

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