There's a reason you find Bachelorette Sophie's new intruder so familiar.

He enters The Bachelorette as an intruder on tonight’s episode and he’s the favourite to win Sophie Monk’s heart.

But this isn’t the first time the $500 million hotel heir Stuart “Stu” Laundy has dabbled in reality TV.

You would have seen him in this year’s Filthy Rich and Homeless, a documentary by SBS that saw Laundy, along with five other wealthy Australians, living on Melbourne streets for 10 days and 10 nights given nothing but second-hand clothes and a sleeping bag.

Laundy, 44, is the son of Arthur Laundy, of Laundy hotels, and the brother of Liberal MP Craig Laundy.

Stu Laundy, as he appeared in Filthy Rich and Homeless. Image via SBS.

It's rumoured Laundy and Monk had ~chemistry~ (kinda important when you're on a dating show) with many speculating he will be the man to steal the former Bardot singer's heart.

He is, however, still married to the mother of his four children, Rachel.

The pair separated four years ago - a decision made by her, News Corp reports - but are yet to finalise their divorce.

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"I prefer being married, absolutely. (Divorce) wasn’t my decision," Laundy told News Corp.

"But any chance of reconciling is pretty-much over I would say. And that’s basically why the divorce has taken so long. I really wanted to work it out."

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