The Bachelorette twist that could have dramatically (kinda) changed Stu's chances.

The Bachelorette finale may have been two weeks ago but by GOLLY we’re still hungry for any rose-ceremony, over-the-top-dates, Stu-and-Sophie-are-they-or-arent-they related news.

Quite frankly, we might have an addiction.

Thankfully Sophie Monk has sated our appetite for another day and boy has she dropped a bombshell of light-hearted, reality TV proportions.


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In a Facebook Live interview with Lisa Wilkinson for Huffington Post, the former Bardot singer was asked why now-boyfriend Stu Laundy entered the show as an intruder.

She denied rumours that the millionaire publican had been brought into the show because there were no men she liked.

“No [I did not request more men],” she said.


In fact, Laundy was meant to be there from the start.

“He was meant to be in the beginning but then last minute didn’t. I think his family were a bit 50/50 on it,” she said.

“By the time they approached him to be an intruder, he was ready.”

It’s a twist that would certainly have changed things for runner up Jarrod Woodgate, who became invested in Sophie very early on. Stu’s presence the entire way through the show may have softened the blow of the brutal finale.

But entering midway through the show made Stu an underdog, and meant he was viewed with suspicion by The Bachelorette audience, who already knew a great deal about him before he even appeared.

Had Stu been in from the start, viewers might have been more on side with Laundy and he may not have faced such backlash and speculation.

Monk said it wasn’t love at first sight with Laundy.

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“It took a while. I always liked Stu but there’s other things that made it complicated like his marriage, I wanted to get married and have children. But you can’t beat chemistry, I tried to fight it,” she said.

Monk also confirmed her and Laundy were still together, thank you very much. In fact, they last saw each other this morning.

“At the end of the day, you need someone who makes you laugh and happy. I know some of the other guys might have been more on paper for me, but chemistry is everything. You’ve got to follow your heart,” she said.

“I know people were disappointed, and I said I wanted someone down to earth and normal, but I meant someone out of industry who wasn’t narcissistic, I didn’t mean construction worker which I would have gone but there was none on there.

“I had to go for the person I fell for.”