The Bachelorette front runner just told the world he's had a vasectomy.

Well, this is… unexpected.

Stu Laundy, the guy we all thought was going to win Sophie Monk’s heart, has shared that he’s had a vasectomy to The Daily Telegraph.

Yep, the man who’s supposed father Sophie Monk’s kids is actually, erm, closed for business?

As we all know Sophie went onto the show wanting one thing… babies… lots and lots of babies (and possibly a bloke to father them). So does this mean Stu doesn’t win?

Vote for me peeps… is that how this works??

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Probably not. Vasectomies are reversible these days.

“I love kids more than life itself,” Laundy told The Daily Telegraph.

“I was married and had four beautiful kids and then I had a vasectomy. You can get them reversed obviously and I would easily go there if the situation arose.”

The 44-year-old heir to the Laundy pub fortune did tell “Soph” on the show that he’d “love” to have more kids with the “right” person.

If I was a betting woman, I might put some money on good ole’ Stu having a little reverse snip in the near future.

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