Five women share their strength training schedules, and the benefits they’ve noticed.

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Too long considered a man’s game, strength training is finally having its fitness moment for women of all ages and abilities around the country. If you’re as bored of going on the same, unsatisfying jog around the same unsatisfying, block of houses as I am, there’s an app that’s been made specifically for women that I need you to try.

It’s called Pushh and it was created by world class exercise scientists. We love science.

Pushh is encouraging us all to swap the cardio KM’s for weight room KG’s. I know, weights sound intimidating, but it's time to bust the myths (no, lifting weights won't make you bulky), and there are countless reasons women should be doing strength training. 

Strength training builds muscle mass, makes your joints stronger, and improves your cardiovascular and bone health, as well as your mental health and mood.

In order to get a better understanding of how easy it is to fit resistance training into your life, we asked five busy women to give us the lowdown on their strength training schedules, and the benefits they’ve noticed.


I used to be obsessed with cardio and massive calorie restriction thinking this would be the way to change my body. I never saw results that lasted, and I ended up hating the gym and my body. 

About four years ago, I started resistance training. It completely changed my body and mindset. Training is about strength and technique and not flogging myself on a treadmill. Seeing the physical changes and the improvements in strength is addictive. 

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I also feel like I can 'get away with more' in terms of enjoying my life. For example, if I go on a holiday I don't pack on weight from indulging over a short period - I think it's improved body composition and metabolism. I do about three sessions a week, and now cardio is something I do for my mental health more than anything else.

Life just feels easier without me really even noticing. I remember moving house and I was zipping around with boxes, up and down in the truck without even a thought, whereas before I'd have been struggling big time!


I do strength training 3-4 times a week, but that's something I've worked up to over about five years. I used to just use my body weight, and as that got easier I incorporated weights and I love them. 

I worked for six months to really make sure I had my technique down pat for bigger movements (like deadlifts and shoulder presses) before I attempted to go at it alone in the gym. Now, I have no qualms about bustling my way into the weight's section at the gym and taking my spot. 

I HATE that women still feel scared of it. Using weights has made me SO much stronger, fitter and more confident.


I do strength training roughly three times a week and I literally had to double check the bag I carry to work the other day cause I thought I'd definitely forgotten something (it felt way too light), turns out I'm just getting stronger. 

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I do strength training 3-4 times a week. I’m stronger overall and my mental health has improved so much! Plus, I’ve had chronic illness for five years and almost all of my symptoms have disappeared completely since I started training, crazy.

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I do strength training 5/6 days a week, I have autoimmune arthritis so it's critical all the muscles around my joints are really strong. I had a body scan on the weekend and just from this volume of training I put on 3kg of muscle in two months, and now my joints don't hurt. 

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