Real human women share where they sourced their favourite outfits.

It’s January. It’s hot. And if you could walk around in two thin pillow cases stapled together, you would.

Unfortunately, the powers that be say that pillow cases are out and actual clothes are in. So here we are.

Fashion can say where we’re going and where we’ve been; it can say what we want and what we’re dreaming of.

So it’s no wonder we braved the heatwave to ask a few women about the outfits they’d chosen this summer.

Marisa, Designer.

Marisa wore: Zara boots, Vintage tee from Cream, General Pants skirt, Bronze Snake hat.

We stopped Marisa when she was only a few feet away from her lunch destination - sorry! Marisa was patient enough to explain where she'd sourced most of her items before continuing her mission.


Natasha, Personal Assistant.

Natasha wore: French Connection dress, ASOS belt, Windsor Smith boots.

Natasha was on her way to the post office when we snagged her for an impromptu shoot. Natasha explained she had an eye for bargains and had bought most of her outfit at a discount. Power to the savvy shopper.

Tracey, Architect.

Tracey wore: Gorman shoes and skirt, Graniph shirt.


We nabbed Tracey for a minute of "okay, step back, spin... smile!" We joked that her geometric outfit must have been career-inspired but she wasn't convinced.

Karina, Public Health.

Karina wore: Neon Hart skirt, Cotton On shirt. H & M earrings, Burberry sunnies and a bag from Etsy.

Karina said she'd mostly sourced her outfit from a pregnant friend. Karina demonstrated her love for customised accessories with her made-to-order travel bag and fold-out cutlery wallet.


Cathy, Nurse

Cathy wore: Ari jewellery. David Jones dress, Wittner shoes and a bag from Abode.

Cathy was strolling through the thick heat as though it was a regular spring day. It must have been the magic of her simple, summer dress.

Andi, Media Specialist

Andi wore: Bec & Bridge dress and Birkenstock shoes.

Andi said her dress may have been 'borrowed' from her sister that morning. So, shout out to her sister for a find that's kicking work casual goals.

Want to feel better about wearing black all the time? Me too.

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