We need to talk about why fashion people are tucking their pants into their heels.

Guys, 2020 is weird.

People are wearing motorised curtains on their heads and now they’ve started tucking their pants into the straps of their heels in the name of fashion.

It’s very confusing. Observe:


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That’s model and actor Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing head-to-toe Bottega Veneta (which is Italian for bougie af).

See, by tying the ankle strap around her wide-leg pants, a kind of scrunchie situation is created and… nope, still confused.

Watch: That time we tried festival chaps. Post continues after video.


We feel like this is one of those trends that should have started and ended on a runway, i.e. not for public consumption. It’s basically the sartorial equivalent of a wedgie we just want to pick at but alas, it’s happening. 

Here’s some more evidence from the streets of Paris:

On the streets of Paris.
At the Couture shows in Paris. Image: Getty.
Caro Daur
German fashion influencer Caro Daur. Image: Getty.
Couture shows
Again, at a Couture show in Paris. Image: Getty.
And yep, you guessed it, at the Couture shows in Paris. Image: Getty.

If you're not into bellbottoms, there's also the version where you wrap your ankle straps around slim-cut pants for a more tapered look.

As seen in Berlin, because edgy. Image: Getty.

Ok, look. We guess this little styling trick could serve some practical purpose. Especially if you're European. Like, maybe it's a way of keeping your ankles warm throughout the icy winter? (But not your... toes?)

Or actually quite a smart option if you're going bike riding in flares?

While mitigating the risk of dirt getting on your best trousers?

We have so many questions we don't even really want the answers to, because fashion.

You know what this means, people. Keep an eye out at your local Zara...

What do you think of this tricky trend? Let us know in the comments!

Feature image: Getty.