Mother loses court battle to name daughter "Cyanide".

Over the last decade a myriad of strange baby names have appeared out of the Sarah and Nick -lined woodwork of the past.

Gwyn gave us Apple. Kim gifted us with North and Saint. Beyonce confused the world by naming her first-born Blue Ivy.

Celebrities just love to keep us on our toes with their kin’s name choice.

Despite all this, one woman in the UK has just lost a first-of-its-kind court battle to name her daughter ‘Cyanide’, but for a very good reason.

You see, Cyanide is the drug that killed Hitler, a reason the mother told the court was a ‘positive thing’.

Maybe associating your child with Hitler is not the best idea. Image via Getty.

The mother, who has been diagnosed with an unspecified mental illness, argued it was her "human right as a mother to name her child," The Sun reports.

The unnamed woman gave birth to twins Cyanide and Preacher in June last year when a judge prevented her from formally registering the children's names.


A Powy's county social worker 'stepped' in when they heard of the kids names, taking the twins from the mother who has a history of susbstance abuse.

Lawyers for the woman argued that by refusing to let her name her children "violated her right to respect for family life," the Daily Mail reports.

The judge noted Cyanide was a 'very odd' name for a child "even allowing for changes in taste, fashion and developing individual perception."

Check out the Mamamia staff's favourite baby names below (Cyanide not included). Post continues after video. 

Judge, Lady Justice King said the court would only ever intervene 'in only the most extreme cases'.

"This is one of those rare cases where the court should intervene to protect the girl twin from emotional harm that I am satisfied she would suffer if called 'Cyanide'," King said.

The twins were put into foster care alone with their three older half siblings for the duration of the trial.

While in Foster care they have been referred to as 'Harrie' and 'Annie'. Their older siblings will reportedly name them in the coming weeks.

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