Jill Krause had the perfect response to a stranger who commented on her baby bump.

Along with swollen ankles, a changing body and, you know, carrying round a human baby, pregnant women have another thing to deal with – comments from strangers.

Whether they’re curious questions, well-meaning remarks or just unnecessary observations, Dallas-based photographer Jill Krause has had enough.

The pregnant 35 year old was doing her grocery shopping when she was approached by a total stranger who asked about her due date.

She quickly responded “Mid December” then turned around.

He then replied with what Krause described as “with a tone of superiority”, “Damn. You SURE it’s not twins?”.

“It’s clear he was set on saying that to me all along. Make no mistake, there was nothing kind about this exchange,” she wrote in a post on her blog Baby Rabies.

Arguing that pregnancy seems to be the only human condition in which strangers feel they have a right to comment on the state of a pregnant woman’s body, Krause has a PSA for anyone who’s considering doing the same.



And if you MUST? The mother of Kendall, eight, Leyna, six, and Lowell, three created some guidelines in a video which has already been viewed over a million times.

Take note, people.

According to Krause, there are just three words you can say; “You look amazing”.

“I don’t care if she looks like Jabba the Hutt incubating a small planet, you tell her she looks amazing, congratulate her, or you could even tell her she’s glowing,” Krause says.

“We know we’re not glowing. We know we sweat a lot while lugging around this enormous midsection that you are shocked by. We know we don’t look amazing. LIE TO US ANYWAY.”

Anything else isn’t amusing, harmless or appropriate. It’s just rude.

As Krause points out, there’s no one more sure about anything related to the baby than, you know, the person carrying it in her womb.

And if she does have questions, she’ll go to an expert or doctor rather than a stranger in the supermarket.

Image: Instagram/@babyrabies.