Everything you need to know about Stranger Things season two.

The Netflix original series Stranger Things has been dominating office conversations, Facebook feeds and television screens ever since the show’s eight-episode first season dropped on the streaming service.

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Stranger Things: our new Netflix obsession. Image via Netflix.

The show dishes up a serious dose of 80s nostalgia (hello, kids riding around on bikes at night) with a side dish of supernatural mystery: a series of strange and terrifying events start occuring in the small town of Hawkins after a young boy goes missing.

The Binge tells you why you need to be watching Stranger Things.

While the first season left many questions unanswered (where is Eleven? What's wrong with Will? Where the heck did Hopper go in that car?), there's one major thing fans want to know: when does season two drop?

While the show hasn't officially been green-lit, Netflix bosses admit they'd be "dumb not to" renew it for a season. And now, the show's creators -- Matt and Ross Duffer -- have revealed how season two might turn out.

"Season Two, is that you?" Image via Netflix.

"The dream is a Harry Potter situation,” Matt Duffer revealed to EW about the franchise.

That means we're more likely to revisit Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will on a yearly basis than we are to see the story continue in a linear fashion. This is especially helpful considering how young the cast is, and is a clever way to explain that little thing called puberty.

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"I love watching kids growing up on camera. So the idea seeing where these kids and these characters are one year later is cool to me. And it allows us to explore the mythology," Matt said.


And as the kids get older, things are guaranteed to get more creepy, right?

"We want [season two] to feel a little bit different, maybe a little bit darker, but still have the sense of fun," Matt told the Television Critics Association of their plans for the series.

"Will was living in this upside-down other dimension for about a week. The repercussions of that can’t be good. And the inter-dimensional rift — at least how we left it — is still very much open."

BUT WHAT ABOUT ELEVEN? WHERE IS SHE? -- we hear you scream. (Okay, that's mostly just us, but don't say you don't want to know...)

Will Eleven be back next season? Image via Netflix.

Thankfully, one actor has hinted that the break-out star of season one could still be alive.

"Whatever’s going on with the lab, Hopper’s involved a little more deeply than we realise. And so he’s got this box out in the woods where he gives [Eleven] food," David Harbour, who plays Chief Jim Hopper in the series, told The Daily Beast.

"But again, these are all questions that we will start to explore when we see where season two takes us," he said.

Enough with the questions, WE WANT ANSWERS. Excuse us while we hit refresh on our "Stranger Things season two news" Google search until we find out more.