Stranger Things just dropped the trailer for Season Two, and the fan theories are epic.

Netflix has dropped the trailer for Season Two of Stranger Things and be still my beating heart it looks APOCALYPTIC.

It has everything you want in a sequel.

Eggos? Check.

(Source: Netflix)

Eleven? Check.

(Source: Netflix.)

Bigger, badder monsters? Check.

(Source: Netflix)

The trailer aired during the 2017 Super Bowl and fans are already frothing like little crabs with theories about what those 36 seconds of footage could mean.

Over a thousand people have commented on the Reddit post announcing the news to share their joy, anticipation, and of course, fan theories.


Top Fan Theories So Far

The Real Demigorgon

"To me it looks more like the Demagorgon than the monster from last season. I'm also getting the vibe that this creature isn't from the Upside Down but from a new place. The Upside Down was more like Purgatory, while the red lightning and flames make the landscape look more hellish around this new monster."

Another Side of The Upside Down

"They barely explored the Upside Down in the first season. I think it would be a little early to start adding new parallel worlds in addition to that. This is probably just showing aspects of the Upside Down that we didn't know existed yet. And there's the fact that the trailer itself mentions the Upside Down."

Ghostbusters = Quality Viewing

"The fact that they're dressed as Ghostbusters already means the new season is going to be amazing."

Cloverfield Crossover

"With that big spider thing in the sky...reminds me of Cloverfield. What if the Stranger Things universe is a crossover with the Cloverfield universe?"

Missing Mike 

"Did anyone notice that Mike is missing in the scene shots with the other boys?"

Gravedigging Hopper

"My guess is that Hopper is digging up his daughter's grave in that scene. There's a lot more to her story than we know."

An Upside Down World

"It's obvious the Upside Down is lowly(?) seeping into the real world and bringing in other monsters."

Season Two is set to air during Halloween so we have a long wait ahead of us. Let's just be thankful this trailer will probably be the first of many.

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